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  1. I would be interested in learning more about making academic connections in grad school (i.e grad level conferences). Perhaps a podcast episode about the side of grad programs outside of the research and class portions.
  2. If you're planning to submit your application this upcoming December-January, you could start around october, november to reach out the potential PIs. That's what I did. I took the GREs over the summer which gave me enough time to prepare outside of school and take the exam at my own leisure.
  3. People on this site really like talking and looking at rank, but I think it's important to look at individual research that PIs are conducting. There isn't any point going to a school if there aren't professors doing work that you're interested in doing. Also, when you're looking at schools online, you should think about the offers that you could possibly get in terms of funding. Some schools are waaaay more generous than others.
  4. Thanks, no problem! Congratulations on your decision! What will your project be focusing on?
  5. Daaaaamn! So many people on this site are going to Harvard!
  6. It'll be a move for me! Congratulations to you as well! Will you be moving? I thought there would be more people who would have decided by now. XD
  7. Hey all! I really wanted to start an acceptance thread for a while, but I waited! Hopefully, it's around a good time right now to start one. I wanted to ask all of you macro/micro biologists on this site about what programs you'll be attending starting this fall. Starting with me: I'm attending USC's MBBO program~! I'm going to be a Marine Biologist. Where are you all attending and what program? Or what two schools are you deciding between?
  8. I'll be joining the MEB department at USC starting this fall! I'm not sure about where I'll live, and I'm looking for roommates.
  9. I'm irritated that I still haven't heard back from most of the schools that I applied to this year... Not that it really matters at this point, but considering the amount of money I've paid to each school for the application fee, I think it's unacceptable how late they are past the decision date.
  10. What's the funding look like for both programs (as in are you fully funded for both)? I think financials are important to think about when you're making your decision.
  11. Hopping on this thread here... I'm just wondering what the typical workload of a PhD program is like. I heard that I'm expected to work ~20 hours a week in the lab and take classes. My question to older students would be: did you find this to be a realistic estimate? Were you all able to find time during the weekends to relax and go places? EDIT: FYI, I'm coming directly from an Undergraduate institution and I'm in my early 20's - so I wanted some insight especially from someone who went from undergraduate --> PhD at a young age.
  12. I'd say go with NYU. I think the vibe of the city is important to think about. Also, as you mentioned, the connections that you will be getting are world class. You'd be getting research opportunities either way - the post masters research opportunity doesn't seem guaranteed.
  13. I think they were just trying to tell you that the applicant pool was competitive and nothing personal.
  14. What do you all mean by harshly worded rejections? For the most part, the schools that have rejected me basically just told me that they have a small program and can't accept everyone. I guess I just can't see a grad program sending something like "YOU'RE NOT WORTHY!" XD
  15. Thanks for replying! I'll look into applying for it next year depending on how much funding pans out this year. It seems like the deadline has already passed for it this year