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  1. @pie333 UofA posted results where? Did you get your result on your portal? Congratulations for your admission.
  2. @bio04 I had applied to the general MPH stream at Waterloo.
  3. Got the rejection email from Waterloo just now. I guess it was not a shock at this point. I am just disappointed.
  4. @NorthernGalMPHHopeful come on, don't be so disappointed. Call and talk to them if you want to. And as @lattessaid just now, bear tracks information maybe incomplete. it may not even be required at all unless and until you're offered admission. Then you can send it to them again if required.
  5. @NorthernGalMPHHopeful ummm where did you exactly see the official transcript required? Under "to do list" on Bear Tracks? Mine only says completed items with application number. What did yours show?
  6. @NorthernGalMPHHopeful My heart stops too, almost. Ha ha ha. I'm out of province too. Who knows what will happen.
  7. Any news on UofA MPH epidemiology stream, anyone? Mine still says "under review".
  8. Same here.
  9. @NorthernGalMPHHopeful Nothing from UofA yet.
  10. Anybody got wait listed by Waterloo? Mine still says "no decision yet". Any news from u of Saskatchewan? Does anybody know when will they start sending acceptance?
  11. Congratulations @friesandwater
  12. Yup, me too. No news from Waterloo.
  13. Hi @EmPeeAych, from your post i am guessing you applied to the Global Health dept of UofA. I applied to Epi dept. So, I got the same msg @NorthernGalMPHHopeful is talking about. is it the same for you too? Are they sending the same msg to all MPH candidates despite of the specialty?
  14. hello @NorthernGalMPHHopeful, astute observation. i must admit, i myself did not notice that sentence. And this definitely gives us hope. Thank you.
  15. Hello @canadian.azn, if you do not mind me asking what specialty did you apply for in University of Alberta?