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  1. Wow, congrats! UCI is pretty nice as well.
  2. Thank you! Good luck with NYU!
  3. Sorry for the news... Had you interviewed for Columbia? Called them today and they said they would send responses by the end of this week or early next week.
  4. do you call the people teaching Professors, Tutors, Teachers, what is the right way to say it?
  5. Thank you!!! Eyerolling is my thang. Lol And: Did UCLA offered you any grant?
  6. Poodle Doodle, wow after wow!! Congrats!! Have you decided where you are going to go?
  7. Hey Gwhart1, I just mentioned Glasgow as a good school because I know people who went there and really liked it. But I'm sure Purchase is also nice! Wish you the best! For everyone else, thank you for these thoughts around the MFA itself, super interesting!
  8. Hey! I can quite relate to this self-care period after applications before getting back to the studio. Sorry for the no-nos. It sucks, but it has been a tough last year. From your old posts I can see we agree when it comes to politics. So yes, tough times, we need to make sure we can build a good mental space where art can exist. I have also been spending more time walking outside, reading books, going away from the hard ambition mode needed in order to keep going during the applications. The application process is expensive so I had to work more on my bread jobs to get money flow. Wish you a good year and hope you get nice residencies meanwhile! Also, if you could imagine yourself abroad, perhaps apply in Europe? There are some posts the last few pages with a bunch of schools that are still taking applicants, most of them don't have application fees so it is manageable to do it just to see if it works. Not a bad time to be abroad anyway. Take care!
  9. Well balanced acceptance/rejection news. Congratulations with Yale!!!!
  10. But that is great that you even got all these interviews if you are still in Undergrad! Waiting won't be bad at all, it will only make your work stronger. Hope Glasgow or Purchase will bring you good news anyway. Always nice with some confirmations. And Glasgow is such a great school! I don't know why UCLA is taking so long to distribute the rejections. I saw that Poodle Doodle got his acceptance a couple of weeks ago so in one hand I can imagine now they are sending rejections and at best waitlisted? If anyone has been accepted to UCLA, please share it here? So nervous here.
  11. Sorry to hear it. :(( These applications are such an intense process on dealing with self-doubt, don't put your self low for a rejection. It is like someone said in this thread, the admissions have a clear idea of the profiles they want for a class, which does mean that a lot of great artists can be rejected for the sake of group dynamic. Regarding the letter, did it arrive today? I called them yesterday and they said results would come until wednesday next week the latest. And it would be notified by email. So I'm confused now that you got it by letter?
  12. Congrats, totally deserved it!!!
  13. Check the schools in Germany, most of them are very studio based and sometimes not speaking German is not a problem. For Germany you apply for a Professor class directly. Dussedorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg are some of the schools that take people without necessarily speaking German. They have the Meisterschule system, which is not validated exactly like an Mfa, so depending of what you want an Mfa for is not for you. But those are pretty solid schools. Then Vienna is kind of the same as in Germany, with Vienna being a quite good school with renowned faculty. And I have also heard about The Netherlands, they have the Sandberg Institut in Amsterdam that is cheap and apparently a good school with deadline due April.
  14. Hey all! Congrats to all the acceptances and for the ones who did not yet get the cake, it will come! I also recommend you guys to apply in Europe, many schools are for free or almost for free and with good structure. I just got the an acceptance letter from SAIC Sculpture, I'm really happy! It had arrived a few days ago but I was away so only got it today. @Poodle-Doodle I saw you got in as well and with the grant, that is amazing! I didn't hear anything about funding, did they tell you about the funding at the same time they told you about the acceptance or in separate emails?