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  1. No mine is still "Under Review" @Duplified and I have been waitlisted.
  2. Hey guys I have been accepted with funding to TSPPPA for MPP. Has anyone looked at housing around TSPPPA? If yes please can you share the link. What is the cost of living per month in DC?
  3. If there is no ranking at MUNK for the waitlisted students, how will they decide? Don't tell me they will evaluate all the files again.
  4. Okay thanks, hopefully I hear back from GSPIA before that.
  5. Waitlisted at MUNK, might have to go to GWU. Till when do you guys have to accept the offer? To all those admitted, congratulations. 😇
  6. Refused or rejected? Because there are two options and what does refuse mean? I have refuse as well.
  7. Yes and in case of France as well.
  8. Oh no, don't say that. This has been an emotional ride for me and I am sure for everyone else too, its got to end now.
  9. What do you guys think of Aalborg University? I have applied there for Master in Development and International Relations.
  10. Ohh my bad @Akansha
  11. What? But it says 16th March.
  12. Two more decisions out- both rejections. MIA and MDev.
  13. Anybody else hear back from Munk? Its 6 so I guess they must have closed down the offices.
  14. Okay thanks, good luck with rest of your applications.
  15. When did your application go Under Review?