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  1. To those who are accepting their NPSIA and MUNK admission offers, can you guys share your profiles please?
  2. Any clue when NPSIA and MUNK starts reviewing applications of those waitlisted?
  3. Anyone who got off the MUNK waitlist? Do we have to inform them if an applicant wants to be removed from the waitlist?
  4. Anyone who is rejecting Munk offer? I believe you have to respond today. I ask for the sole selfish purpose because I am waitlisted
  5. Hi, congratulations! Are you an international student?
  6. Anyone here who got off the Munk waitlist?
  7. I heard back via email, my status is same as yours on the application portal. Thanks you guys, for the encouraging words.
  8. Hello, I got waitlisted at NPSIA. Is waitlisted a way of sugar coating the rejection?
  9. Same boat. I had emailed API they said, you will hear back from GSPIA anytime from first week to mid April, as for NPSIA my application is "recommended for assesment ", I think maybe another 2 weeks because there is another stage "Something by faculty..." until a decision is made.
  10. No mine is still "Under Review" @Duplified and I have been waitlisted.
  11. Hey guys I have been accepted with funding to TSPPPA for MPP. Has anyone looked at housing around TSPPPA? If yes please can you share the link. What is the cost of living per month in DC?
  12. If there is no ranking at MUNK for the waitlisted students, how will they decide? Don't tell me they will evaluate all the files again.
  13. Okay thanks, hopefully I hear back from GSPIA before that.
  14. Waitlisted at MUNK, might have to go to GWU. Till when do you guys have to accept the offer? To all those admitted, congratulations. 😇