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  1. Well I just got an email stating that due to the extremely large applicant pool I will not be receiving any funding. Guess I'm crossing Syracuse off my list.
  2. I haven't fully decided. I'm visiting UConn next week to hopefully help decide. I'm leaning towards Brown due to it being a 1 year program vs. 2 at UConn and because I feel like it has stronger connections in RI which is where I would like to live long-term.
  3. THANK YOU!! now back to obsessively refreshing my email. Also: how did they communicate your award to you?
  4. Just got this same email too, it does say "$10,250 per semester (this number is based on your Cost of Attendance and will be reduced by any other awards you receive for the term e.g. scholarship, assistantships, etc.)" so I'm assuming this doesn't rule that we aren't getting any. hoping so far anyway
  5. I have to say I'm stuck in a similar situation right now. I've been accepted into UConn with a GA that covers my entire tuition and provides a living stipend, but I've also been accepted into Brown (my dream school) that would leave me $60,000 in debt. I have also been accepted into Syracuse, but no word on funding yet. I keep telling myself its not all about money. Brown gives me more of what I want out of a program. I would talk to American, and plead with them. Tell them you want to go to American, but you're trying to be fiscally responsible and Syracuse provided you with a very generous offer. I would recommend making a spreadsheet of what each school would cost you overall after graduating. Ask each school their graduation rates for IR, because it doesn't matter if have to take out very little loans if you can't get a job after graduation.
  6. I'm not really shocked because they said by April 1, but it's really killing me not knowing. Maybe today will be our day!
  7. Thank you so much!! Ordering it now.
  8. Anyone hear about funding today? im still obsessively checking my email
  9. I emailed, Northeastern didn't ask for other offers, Brown did. I didn't go into it stating I had received other offers, I stated I was weighing my options and trying to be as fiscally responsible as possible and that I was trying to figure out how to get through grad school with as little debt as possible.
  10. I got more from Northeastern, but I declined their offer. Still working with Brown but it isn't looking good
  11. I'm torn between three schools, all of which are very quant-heavy. Does anyone have any tips on preparing?
  12. I made this as a away for those who KNOW they want to get a masters and have not yet gone to undergrad. This was the case with me a few years ago and I just kinda guessed. Thankfully, masters programs are super flexible about undergrad so it doesn't truly matter, I just thought it would be interesting to see.
  13. I'm a firm believer in not everything has to do with money, so I would go with your gut. If your gut isn't telling you something either way, go with Syracuse. Not only is it a highly recognized program, but the 1 year aspect of it will allow you to enter the workforce quicker.
  14. It really all depends on the other offers you've received. I would say 35k in loans isn't all that bad, especially for a program with the reputation that Syracuse has. I'm getting so anxious about waiting to hear about funding from Syracuse. It's the last decision I'm waiting on. Polysciguy would you mind sharing your stats? I'm starting to think the longer they go without notifying me the less of a chance I have of getting anything.
  15. I would definitely contact them. I got my acceptance letter by mail yesterday, so I would assume even if you were not accepted you would have heard by now. The admissions office is extremely helpful and are very quick to answer questions via email.