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  1. Anybody hear back from UCB? Did anyone call them?
  2. Thanks! Fingers crossed. All the best to you too! Yeah, it would put the personal info of those two people at risk. And it wouldn't make any sense without the context. But that's the gist of it, in my previous post. Yes, I've seen similar offers in the results section. But it's not the norm everywhere. Only at UIUC.
  3. Good luck! Yeah, I got rejected too. And it hurt. I've no idea what kinda people get in. I thought I had a chance
  4. If the worst does happen, isn't deferring for a while and getting some experience as an RA an option? Maybe you'll get more funding next time
  5. Congrats! I'd say Michigan. I had an interview with them. I also spoke with two uiuc npre students. The things they told me about the department and their admin... I was like "nope, not going here". When did you submit your UIUC application? Did you get into their MS or PhD programme?
  6. I did email them, and they had already shifted my application to the MS pool. Phew.
  7. Not at all. No contact. So I'm not sure what I could possibly say to them, when they might not even accept me. Part of me thought : they're not gonna bin my application because of this one mistake! They'll automatically do the needful and shift it to the MS application pool. But I don't really know how they work and I'm really panicking. A lot of people with worse profiles than mine are getting in. It really makes me wonder whether I've blown it.
  8. Jeeeeeez, this sounds utterly bizarre and heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear this. It's just bad luck sometimes, I guess. That said, the fact that other programmes are willing to invest so much in you says a lot about your strengths. You'll do well regardless of where you are. All the best!
  9. I applied to a phd programme without realising they require a master's degree for admission. Although it was at the end of the course webpage (separate from the department website) and was easy to miss, at the end of the day, it's my fault for not being thorough. Does this mean they're gonna reject my application or can they transfer it to the MS pool? Should I write to them or is it too late/they'll do it themselves?
  10. There there. In all seriousness, they're so unpredictable. This waiting game is driving me nuts. I don't know why this year is taking longer. It feels like there are more applicants this year.
  11. Does submitting a month before the deadline give you an advantage? I couldn't stop fiddling with my sop until the very end. I didn't get the memo on this one.
  12. @babbit @GeorgeC07 when did you submit your GaTech application?
  13. @GeorgeC07 oh crap. I'll take that as a rejection then. ;~;
  14. @babbit that's great news! You're rolling in it! So that's a PhD admit for MIT, isn't it? @GeorgeC07 what email is that? I didn't get anything from GaTech. :'( I'd like to stay in touch too, once the dust settles. The funding situation seems terrible this year. Everyone seems to be struggling with getting a nice deal, myself included.
  15. However, I can access the forum using my phone. On the PC I'm getting a connection refused error. Please help.