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    MSc eHealth McMaster
  1. Congrats catman14 I also got a reply from Iris upon enquiry that she is hoping official offer from grad dept by the end of this week
  2. Thanks Dwabtit and catman14 for ur input. I hope everyone get to know their application status by March 24th. I hv dropped an email to Iris about my application status but didn't get any reply till now. Dwabtit can you tell us more about the program schedule. As i hv chosen health sciences as my speciality so which courses are good to take ? how to increase chances to get internship and when the interviews for internship starts? Also how to network in advance to get better internship TIA
  3. Don't loose hope. As catman14 quoted in another thread that they are finishing the interviews so may be response after that. Did you try to contact Iris regarding your interview outcome? Wish you all the best luck
  4. Thanks Yes checking everyday. Fingers crossed Congrats to u too for uoft acceptance😊
  5. Hi I hv applied for MSc eHealth Program McMaster for fall 2017. My interview was on 22nd Feb.2017 and I was passed in that. I am waiting for my final offer from Grad dept. Has anyone else applied to MSc eHealth Program this year. Kindly share status of your application. TIA
  6. Hi I hv applied this yr for Mcmaster MSc eHealth program. My interview was on 22nd February and almost after 3 days I received email from Iris regarding passing my interview and she told that they are sending my file to Grad dept for final offer which will come to me after 10 business days. Still I haven't received my final offer. Anyone else in the same boat?