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  1. Hi I also checked the portal and the webpage said this portal is only used for students admitted to a currently application term at Teachers college. Did you receive the decision email before log in the portal?
  2. Hello!May I know the difference between MA and MEd program?
  3. Hi which program did you apply? The instructional technology and media program's AO said the decision will be published by mid to the end of March.
  4. Thank you so much for providing this information. Plus, may I ask your contact information? Like facebook or Snapchat? Cuz I may have more questions to ask later...... I really appreciate your response
  5. Thanks for your kind response. Have a nice day 😊
  6. Hi yehao. Can you please provide me your wechat ID as we Chinese tc applicant had established a wechat group.
  7. Thanks for your kind response. Do you know how many people applied Instructional technology and media 17fall?
  8. Hello everyone. Is there anybody have applied for instructional technology and media at teachers college?
  9. Hello! I'm an applicant of Instructional technology and media MA at teachers college. The webpage shows this program doesn't require GRE. So I didn't submit GRE. I want to know will it affect my application? my gpa is 3.57/4.0,I have 1 year teaching experience in a middle school, 1 year in Education bureau. I also have the journalist experience at Canadian broadcasting corporation for one week, summer school at ubc and so on..... my IELTS score just reached the line. I want to know the possibility of my admission. I'm looking forward your response