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  1. I really appreciate your sharing your thoughts. In a way, I'm anticipating feeling what you're feeling sometime in the future. However, knowing myself, a lot of it can be attributed to law of diminishing returns and my own critical view at looking at the world. In terms of law of diminishing returns, one month into being accepted, I've already started to lose some of my enthusiasm with getting into a program. I recognize that it has little to do with the program (which was also not my highest choice) and with more of the fact that it's hard for me to maintain contentedness for any period longer than a few days. I know that for myself, however, my enthusiasm for things wane as time goes on and it doesn't help that being in this good program is on my mind 24/7. Not feeling content with my situation forces me to be much more critical of my current situation that I really should be. And as you highlighted, even after weighing the positives and negatives, we somehow cling to the hypothesis that the grass COULD have been greener on the other side. This is where I've already started to be critical of the program before even entering it: Is this program really going to help me in the job market? Are the professors prestigious enough or is the fact that newer professors in the department means that they're not as established as the other big names like Harvard and Yale? I'm also anticipating problems that graduate students at that program have already expressed to me and I'm sure that I will develop those grievances as well, which I might've avoided had I maybe been accepted to other top schools. In summary, it's nice to know that there are others asking those same questions and going through this process (which I agree is irrational in a sense).
  2. BC and BU give some funding assistance for ThM/STM programs (I believe it's 40%). Gordon-Conwell (if you're open to an evangelical seminary) has a couple of funding options like their partnership program. For PhD prospects, looking at BC or BU will definitely give you a leg up over the seminaries. Furthermore, if you're in Boston, you also have an opportunity to take classes across schools that participate in the Boston Theological Institute program (Harvard is included), so say you're enrolled at BC, you're also able to take classes at BU and HDS for credit.
  3. The Guardian just released their 2017 global rankings for theology/divinity/religious studies last week. I was curious about people think about these types of rankings and how much stock we should put in these. Even though they're not particular to people's sub-fields, they do give a general sense of these schools' reputation. Do you also think that these rankings inform which schools you would consider applying to (whether for a Masters or PhD?) https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/mar/08/qs-world-university-rankings-2017-theology-divinity-and-religious-studies
  4. I'm in the same boat. I'm very close to just accepting Princeton's offer (given that it's just a really good offer and the faculty/grad students have been awesome) but I'm also still waiting on Harvard. I'm currently taking currently taking classes there so I'm imagining an awkward scenario where I accepted Princeton's offer only to have my Harvard professor tell me that I've been accepted to Harvard's program, and I tell him/her that I preemptively rejected Harvard's offer because they didn't get back to me as quickly as my other schools... If someone knows, do let us know.
  5. So was in a similar situation. I got an MDiv from a seminary in Boston and decided to apply to 12 schools last year. I got rejected from all of them except for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School but didn't get any funding. This year, I applied to 12 schools and got into Princeton Religion Dept and Florida State, interviewed with Stanford and Vanderbilt, and Baylor. Over the course of one year, I did a one-year supplementary degree at Boston University and took classes at Harvard. I diversified my recommendations (one from BU prof, one from Harvard, and one from my seminary). In order to get good recommendations and a strong GPA, I had to stand out in all of my classes and made sure that I met with professors (so be intentional/proactive) to build rapport and pick their brains. I also asked them for input on what research is relevant and wrote about it for my class papers because I suspect that I didn't get any interviews last year because my research topic was too broad/vague. If you want more details, PM me. But in short, don't give up and take full advantage of the resources available to you. Talk to professors and ask for their assistance on making your application strong. And name recognition/knowing the experts in your field goes a long way. Hope this helps!
  6. You should update your acceptances!
  7. That's through ETS though so I don't think we can get a refund for that one I'm afraid...
  8. Well, I suppose that's it for us American Religion Historians.....
  9. I forgot to mention that the email noted that they will be refunding the application fees for the applicants to the GDRS so perhaps that's consolation for everyone getting rejected.
  10. That's the impression I got from the email. I plan to follow-up with my STM advisor Christopher Evans (who's at the School of Theology and technically also in the Graduate Department of Religion) to confirm that this is the case. But to be honest, I would not be surprised if they're not taking anyone because of this shake-up.
  11. For those waiting for Boston University Graduate GSAS, I just received an email from the Director of Graduate Department of Religious Studies asking if I want to transfer my application to the School of Theology. His reasoning is that due to a shake-up of the Religion Department (from what I heard, they're consolidating two of the tracks into one), they are not admitting any students this year. PM me if you want to know more about the difference between the BU School of Theology and Department of Religion, and I can speak from experience having taken classes between the two programs and having picked up on key similarities/differences.
  12. What's worse is when you have an interview tomorrow and Harvard is reaching out to everyone.... it might just throw off your interview performance (I'm interviewing tomorrow as well but any Harvard news might throw me off for better or worse)
  13. Congratulations! It's always a great feeling getting into a program
  14. Since I'm on my Lord of the Rings streak, for those who are getting mad rejections Samwise Gamgee had words of wisdom for everyone: