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  1. I can't speak to Eugene, but you can easily escape to Portland for the artist community if need be and anywhere in Oregon for nature.
  2. Thanks for posting, I'm very excited about this. My master's institution just made the top 100 when we were previously unranked! How exciting!
  3. Speaking as someone who has been rejected from all their apps except for ONE waitlist: TAKE YOUR TIME <3 it's kind of frustrating to see fellow waitlisted people tell all the acceptees to hurry up, despite the desperation and heartache. Even if I somehow get into this one school, I'm going to take my sweet ass time to accept because it's a huge decision. If I had more options, I'd take even longer. My cohortmate from my MA program just came home from two whirlwind weekends of school visits and she is so tired, I really hope she doesn't rush to make a decision as we're both scrambling to write our theses and finals which are upon us next week. Just some cheerleading for y'all. I'm so proud of everyone's accomplishments!
  4. I have a friend who was offered funding from one program there and expected more details today but they were not sent, so maybe MSU is behind in general
  5. I'm so happy for you!
  6. My stipend in Portland is $700 after taxes, and as you can imagine, I have to take out loans and rely on my partner to supplement the cost of living. We are about three miles from campus on the east side of Portland, which is closer than a lot of people get to live. I have a very nice bike ride or bus ride into campus. It's a nice neighborhood, and we have a 2 bedroom apartment with a cat, no outdoor space, and a shared laundry room. I know lots of people who rent adorable houses with multiple roommates, and if I wasn't partnered, this would be my ideal scenario. Maybe this breakdown will help you both: My rent: $1,200 (including water/sewage/garbage). This is a commonish price for rent in Portland, but we are lucky to live as close in as we do and pay this much. The comparable apartments that have been opening up across the street from me are going for ~$1350-1400. February's power bill (we used the heat a fair amount): $95 (January's was $120 which is high for us! But it snowed and was so cold all month). Internet: $80 (stupid Comcast) I can't think of any other costs that directly relate to renting right now. We have a phone bill, a car payment, student loans, etc, too, so it's not easy for me and I hate taking out loans but it's very necessary. If you don't care about living in the "cool" part of town, look at Beaverton and Hillsboro which is very accessible by the MAX and you get more space for your $... although I have lots of friends who live out there and pay just as much as I do :| To answer you both more directly, $1200 is doable but you'll need at least one roommate and can't live downtown unless you find a cheaper place (check out College Housing NW) or have multiple roommates, but downtown is kind of overrated, anyway. $2100 and you'll be fine. You could technically live in my 2 bedroom and live with a real tight budget and be fine. The cost of living in Portland is getting horrible (I used to pay half of what I pay now for more space and a backyard in SW Portland... BLEH D:) but with roommates and budgets, it's totally worth it. Portland is fucking lovely and I'm sad that I want my PhD bad enough to leave. That being said, EVERYONE loves Portland now so the issues will only get worse from here on... although we are finally off of the top 5 places that people move to as of this year.
  7. My gut says not to reach out because of how it will come across, and as you say, there has been no mention of campus visits and my POI and I have only spoken briefly via email once. Thanks for your advice!
  8. I'm curious to hear about people's experiences reaching out to their POI while waitlisted. I haven't done this yet, because there seem to be no pros in my current situation, but do wonder how it may affect my chances of being taken off the waitlist assuming anyone declined their offer (the waitlist I'm speaking of is not ranked).
  9. I think what the others said in terms of advice is solid and I don't think I have anything to add. This is my first round of applications and the only good news I got was a waitlisted spot at a lower ranking school. I've been wracking my brain everyday for the last two weeks about how to make sure this doesn't happen to me again besides just being BETTER-- I've even begun to consider switching areas of interest as to not compete with gender folks. I thought I was getting better and growing after a sad sad week but today I totally lost my shit and cried as if I had just received my top pick rejection letter again. I don't know about you, but being in Sociology makes me feel like I've found my purpose in life. It's so emotional for me. I just wanted to say, you're not alone, and we must be persistent! During our journey, we may find something better, or the right school will come along.
  10. I have gotten the advice from her and another environmental person in my department (who graduated from UofOregon) that I may need to switch focuses to be a more competitive candidate. This is a tangent since I don't think it applies to you! Gender has just gotten insanely competitive, so I may need to sneak it into a larger and more solicited focus.
  11. Grateful to hear about your experiences! I am in a similar boat and really hope that retaking the GRE (for my abysmal quant scores) and publishing two papers with my advisor will "fix" me up for next year. Also, my undergrad/MA uni has no prestige, but I've been told people really respect my advisor and that should translate well... however we also have different research focuses which may be confusing :S (she's environment, I'm gender).
  12. Me too
  13. I waited a couple of weeks to hear back from other schools, then e-mailed the grad chair to ask a) if they ranked their waitlist, b ) if so, where was I on the list? c) or do they determine waitlist preference by faculty availability and research interest? and d) when should I expect to hear back based on when acceptances are due (April 15th)? They were really cool about it.
  14. Well folks, now that University of Michigan Ann Arbor sent out rejections, I'm out this year and will reapply again next year! It was a good run, and I'm just glad it's over and I've already learned from it. Unless University of South Carolina takes me off of their waitlist...?! I'll still lurk on this forum but won't be refreshing the damn results page anymore, PHEW. Does anyone have any thoughts on the soc program in South Carolina? Any other waitlisters, or acceptances who are on the fence? I'm afraid that they'll accept me last minute and I'll feel rushed into it and will make a poor choice (to go or not to go out of fear of moving across the country to the most opposite climate of where I live). Also, I'm not into social psych, but inequalities, so in retrospect I feel kind of silly attending their program for the thing they are not renowned for. Would love to hear any opinions on UofSC My POI there is fairly new, but her research fits SO WELL with mine! Arguably more so than any of the top programs I applied to.
  15. I'm surprised to hear that you are hesitant about UCSB. I thought you studied gender? But I feel you on the CA front, I don't want to live there, but Santa Barbara is exceptionally beautiful!