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  1. Yes, it's almost ridiculous. Almost all other cal state universities had already communicated their decisions. Not knowing just makes me unable to plan anything at this point. You said you're going to call them on the phone? If yes, please let us know what they say
  2. Hello TBMSW2017, welcome to this thread! And congratulations on your admission to U. Of Washington. I'm still waiting as well. I've read on a thread from 2016 that people were still waiting for decisions on May of that year. Since SJSU have Rolling acceptance, we can hear from them anytime from now until June.
  3. Hello Meltoid and all!! I applied mid January for the online part time program. I only applied to SJSU because it was just the right fit, since I'm not able to move to other cities and the other choices available for me were private institutions that cost more than double than SJSU. I'm crossing fingers and waiting for the best but at this point I'm also thinking on a plan B. I'm glad Berkeley gave you a date. That's today!! Please let us know how they went It makes a lot of sense and I think other universities should also give a due date for decision making. i think the fact that San Jose has rolling admissions make things a little more complicated. Autumn
  4. Hello everyone, I've applied to SJSU and currently waiting on decision for the MSW program. I was wondering if anyone knows if the department of CSU's sends emails to those who weren't accepted of we have to figure it out for ourselves. thanks!
  5. hi Namaste and SmileyPita, This waiting is really nerve racking. I'm wondering if they release decisions to those who weren't admitted or we have to figure it out by ourselves if no one contacted us for admission. this is something that worries me, as I've read in this forum some people were still waiting for a decision on May and no one communicated they were not admitted. I mean, until when it is safe to wait with hope?
  6. I think they have rolling acceptance, that means they have a short list and depending who accepts to get into the program and who doesnt, they call the next on the list. I was reading a thread of 2014 and they keep calling until mid April. That means one more month. Agreed, let's keep being positive
  7. I'm still waiting and was wondering if any of you have any news yet...
  8. Hello SmileyPita!! yes, I did my BA in psychology there. Where did you study? i haven't applied for any other school. That was a mistake of mine, because I was overconfident. i don't know the rate of admissions but I read some threads from previous years and said something like 500 applied for 100 vacancies at campus and 50 online. Now, this is a pretty scary number, but I cross my fingers. itsnice to hear from you!!
  9. Hi Namaste! No news yet. I think they will start to communicate their decisions this week.
  10. I hope so, I need an answer. Good or bad (I wish it'd be good!) but this waiting is killing me because I cannot make any plans. looks like there's no one else here applying to SJSU... I wonder if there's another forum out there with more people commenting...
  11. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! how lucky you didn't have to endlessly wait for a decision! I also did my undergrad studies there. Deadline was February 1st. And supposedly the department would start making decisions the second week of February. When I check online, my sjsu states that my app has been referred to graduate department.
  12. Congratulations!!! do you mind sharing when they contacted you when you got accepted?
  13. Hi there!! Im waiting for decisions for fall 2017 for SJSU. anyone else here in the same situation?? cheers, autumn