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  1. Hello everyone! San Jose has Rolling admissions, which means they accept people who submitted their applications first. let's say if you applied in November, you will get notifications earlier than those who applied in January. would the people who already got admitted mind sharing when they submitted their apps? I spoke on the phone with the department and the lady told me notifications will be sent from now until the end of May. She could not give me more info. The wait continues for most of us!!
  2. Congratulations Clementine!!! I'm really happy for you thank you so much for the updates! That means they've also started calling for the online program! crossing fingers for everyone else waiting for news, including me!
  3. Athena, you could make a call if you think that will make you feel less anxious. I think they've already started to call/email so it's a matter of days, hopefully.
  4. Namaste, congratulations!!! Which program did you apply? Online or on campus?
  5. Dogz9: Thanks for the clarification about the interview! That makes more sense welcome to this thread!
  6. Hi everyone! Looks like another week has passed with no news, right? I'm bumping up the thread. Happy Friday!
  7. Hi Beanca! I did some research online, and there are several good online programs. In my case, tuition is a relevant factor and online programs tend to be expensive. USC simmons humbolt state university (this is more affordable) Here is a list of accredited universities that offer online MSW programs: http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/best-online-master-social-work-degree-programs/
  8. Hello smileypita! no news ugh however I read on another thread someone got an interview or was waiting for an interview. Which is weird as I don't think San Jose state does interview the candidates before decision.
  9. Hi Athena!! Would you mind sharing when you heard back from sjsu? Thanks and congrats on your interview, i wish you the best
  10. Happy Friday everyone, another week has passed and that means we're close to hear from sjsu (I hope) I've called admissions but they couldn't give me much info except that my application was referred to graduate department. If you have any news, or as just as anxious as me please post here.
  11. Hi Ashley!! Welcome to this thread I'm sorry about Sacramento. Rejection hurts. I only applied to San Jose, so I'm not dealing with any rejection just yet :/ Regarding the letters of recommendation, I'm sorry you couldn't find a third recommender. Let's cross fingers that will not be a motive of rejection. You have a strong background on SW, I've heard that's the most important thing to get in the program.
  12. I can't speak for graduate school at sjsu, but I got my BA there and they're pretty disorganized. Have you filled out your Fafsa yet? There should be no problem with that...
  13. Hello everyone! Any news from SJSU? bumping up the thread!
  14. Yes, it's almost ridiculous. Almost all other cal state universities had already communicated their decisions. Not knowing just makes me unable to plan anything at this point. You said you're going to call them on the phone? If yes, please let us know what they say
  15. Hello TBMSW2017, welcome to this thread! And congratulations on your admission to U. Of Washington. I'm still waiting as well. I've read on a thread from 2016 that people were still waiting for decisions on May of that year. Since SJSU have Rolling acceptance, we can hear from them anytime from now until June.