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  1. I'm domestic but I have no idea how some of the other folks in my undergraduate program does.
  2. Just saw that I received a 900 (97%tile) on the GRE Chemistry on April 8th and 5.5 on AW. I'm feeling very blessed and thankful for my undergraduate institution, and definitely more confident about my scores status now. Good luck to any other applicants and big congrats to those admitted! Hope to be in touch with some of you folks in the near future!
  3. Hi sk8er thanks for the reply. I have not taken the GRE Chemistry. Cruising this forum, it seems like the weight on that particular test is not too heavy. Would you say that this is accurate? Either way, I definitely need a heavy refresher both for the test and for school. I'm signed up to take it in April (have to travel to find a spot; I'm in NYC as well by the way!), but it's really more to see how much I remember. I'm expecting to take it again after some review later this year. How about you? Are you applying this year as well?
  4. Just took the GRE cold and got a 161V, 170Q. I'm wondering if I should take this again for admissions (Harvard) and fellowships (Hertz) to improve the verbal score. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been in industry for 6+ years now (with a balance of chemistry and software development) and a bit out of tune with academia. I did my undergraduate at a top 5 school in Chemistry, 4.0/4.0 GPA, rank #1. Goldwater Scholar back in the day. Should have very solid letters of recommendation from 3 profs and technical industry manager. Will have ~5 or so relevant chemistry publications, including a first author. Since I've spent a significant amount of time outside of school, I know exactly what I want to do and the only graduate program I'd consider at this point is Harvard's Chemistry and Chemical Biology. It's either this or a career in software development. In addition, those graduate fellowships are also very appealing, so any recommendations or links on how GRE affects Hertz, NSF, and NDSEG would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!