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  1. Thank you @DBear. You're probably right, but I also sent a research paper which POI asked me to send. I won't send anything at this stage, but if you or others can think of anything I can ask at this point to show that I am interested in the program (and thus correct for previously underplaying my interest in the program), please let me know. I personally thought of asking about his most recent work or asking a general question about the program but cannot think of anything substantial. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Everyone, Few weeks ago I had an informal interview with my POI at a dream college (Berkeley) -- in fact, it was a follow-up conversation, as we had Skyped prior to me applying. All went well, except when he asked if Berkeley was an attractive option, I HESITATED. Berkeley is an absolute top choice but having Yale in mind, I simply could not scream: YES, my absolute number one, which he however nonetheless expected! After the interview, I emailed him to thank him for his consideration and send him an additional writing sample, he asked. Since, I have not heard back -- and I feel like following up to re-assert my interest Though I felt the talk went well (especially considering it was unannounced), I have felt bad in the past few weeks and am looking to get in touch. You think this is a good idea? Do you have any advice on how to go about this, what to write, what to ask? I would be EXTREMELY grateful for your help. Also, few things have changed in my life since applying. For example, I will be publishing a book review next month (not peer review). Would it be worth sharing this? Thank you all <3!