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  1. Would those accepted to program can tell us if they are accepted directly to program or offered an interview?
  2. Same here Actually I emailed them and they said April.
  3. I didnt get anything from Guelph till now, Im so nervous ...
  4. I think I would do better in other and future job wise environmental and occupational health has better opportunities.
  5. I'm not sure if this means accepted I applied for Global health but I want tot change it.
  6. Thanks to mphalberta for sending this portal link. I signed in there and saw it. You can see it there as well, Bear tracks status still shows decision pending. So these are two different bear tracks and portal.
  7. Hey Just an update I checked on my UofA portal status says pre screening.. Congrats to all who got accepted.
  8. Same here . Yes indeed, And Tahnin Are you and IMG? Im IMG so just wondering how many IMGs are there in this forum.
  9. hello, Congratulations to everyone who got accepted. Me still waiting......
  10. Congratulations...
  11. Finally we are in March, Its my birth month and hopefully it brings good news for all of us. @SFUFTW Can you please tell us how intense this course is and what are the job scope and is it really rewarding money wise? Thanks
  12. @joelcollard6 Thank you for the information. Please keep us posted.
  13. @EmPeeAych I have no idea about interviews, but as the gentleman said there is less chances of interviews in professional programs. I hope this is true. Will update as soon as I get any reply. @MPHDream17 I have applied in U Of S as well no update till now. And no idea when they gonna send invitations.
  14. Hi @pizza17 I emailed U of A and they said late march. I applied in November and since then I'm waiting. This waiting time is so hard to deal with. Hopefully we all hear from them soon.
  15. Hi guys, I'm IMG as well and applied for MPH in UofA UofS and Guelph, no update yet. Tahnin is n IMG as well and I agree its impossible to get decent job without qualification from Canada. Lets see how it goes with MPH.