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  1. My interviewer said that they will announce the admission result second week of april, by the latest.
  2. Hi @C01 About LKYSPP and their alumni, I believe you can find out more about it in this page: https://lkyspp.nus.edu.sg/admissions/alumni-and-careers/ The page does not mention about the private or public sector, tho. Also, check their wikipedia page. I believe they mention some of the notable alumni. In-dept searching over LinkedIn won't hurt as well. You must also remember that LKYSPP is basically founded just a decade ago (2004), explaining why they only have about 2000 alumni and small pool of notable alumni as these alumni might still in the mid-management level or so and thus, not yet in the "radar of notable alumni". Hope it helps!
  3. @nahuja32 if it may calm you, I have been interviewed and my application status is still "Physical Application Verified". So keep your fingers crossed! You might also be the one who will be admitted without going through the interview. @Amir Shehzad My brief profile: IELTS: 8.0 GMAT: 650 Bachelor degree from the best business school in my country, graduated second best in my major. Worked for 3 years as regulatory advisor at one of the Big 4. Worries: basically it's virtually impossible for me to attend LKYSPP without getting the funding from them. So I have to score both the admission and the funding. @RG_MPA has mentioned that about 60% of all admitted students may get funding from LKYSPP. I think this might be true. Read somewhere in their orientation page that there was a scholarship ceremony where 117 persons admitted with grants. As the cohort size for the entire school is about 200 persons, the 60% percentage thus makes sense. Kinda generous for them and wow-ed me but they boast that LKYSPP is the 3rd most endowed public policy school so... nice school indeed.
  4. Hi Amir, Yup HKS is Harvard Kennedy School. So I just finished my informal chat and it turned out a face-to-face interview! Kinda nervewrecking you know since I never associate informal chat with case interview. Btw, my interview is about private school and mine lasted about 20 minutes. The interviewer mentioned that they will start rolling out the decision last week of March until 2nd week of April. Fingers crossed! Hope I can meet you guys at LKYSPP this July!
  5. Thank you for the kind words! Yup, I hope something better awaits us.
  6. The chat is scheduled this saturday. Will inform you guys about it later. Wish me luck!
  7. Anybody here applying for HKS as well? I'm just got rejected haha and wishing better outcome for LKY. Any info when we will receive the decision?
  8. I am rejected. Good luck for those who are in! Do your best there! I also qant to thank you guys immensely for being a bunch of kind strangers for the past days. Anybody here is also applying for LKY NUS? See you on that thread!
  9. Yep, for sure. I literally had changing dreams about the admission decision. I'm talking about DREAMS, not just A DREAM. It literally stuck into my nerve.
  10. Here in Asia, I slept with one eye open waiting for the announcement hahaha
  11. Hi guys. Just got an email from LKY NUS saying that their Associate Dean is coming to my country and they want to reschedule an informal chat between her and me. Any idea what kind of chat that will take place? Or is anyone receiving the same email? Do you think this 'chat' is the equivalent to the interviews some people have taken? They don't state any agenda and when I asked about preparation, they said it won't be necessary. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. @Ella16 Hi, Ella. According to this 2015 FAQ, they admitted about 60-80 students per year. No information on how many people submitting applications per year and the acceptance rate tho. MPP-Programme-FAQ-2015.pdf
  13. Hi, guys! Applying MPP here. Do you guys think it hurts my chance that I submit GMAT score, instead of GRE, in my application?
  14. Hi, an Indonesian here applying for MPP. Haven't got any email about the interview or whatsoever. My application status is "Physical application verified". The admission status is "N.A". Good luck all for the interview! Thank you Kochito and Than for sharing your story