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  1. People still waiting for MT p/j I think have a high chance of receiving acceptances later because a lot of people that got into MT p/j also got into MA CSE and it seems many will choose MA CSE over MT p/j if accepted into both. Stay hopeful I have heard many people got accepted later !
  2. This is an example of the MT research project. You can use it to also get into the PhD program it says on the website. I am pretty sure child study requires something similar though? I may be wrong. https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/bitstream/1807/67011/1/Cao_Jia Yun Karen_201406_MT_MTRP.pdf
  3. Ma child study just let's fewer candidates in compared to MT that let in 162 for p/j last year. MA child study let in 70 something last year but this year even less.
  4. They both look like great programs to me at the end of the day you graduate with the same thing ma and Teaching degree.
  5. Got mine yippie 😊
  6. That's so funny the same thing happened to me 😊
  7. From my understanding looking at posts on here from last year people that were enrolled and invited on rosi/ acorn were later accepted with official mail offer. This is hopeful!
  8. For MT they said they were going to start mailing things out March 1st. However, from looking at last years posts on here some people did not receive official letters as late as March 13th. If you are getting close to deadline to accept and have not received mail yet I would contact the department :). I also got into York but that offer expires March 16th so it's still early
  9. I just called to find out when the MT offical acceptances were sent out. I would contact the program liason for the CSE program through email she is very nice.
  10. Basically just down the street lol. The wait is hard ❤
  11. Not yet. My mail came all ready and I live just a few blocks away from u of t.
  12. I have not received any yet! I know they are going to start mailing out stuff today though
  13. From also looking at last year's post people with invited and enrolled seemed to get in but it looks like some got letters and some got emails at different times. I don't think we should stress if we don't hear right on March 1st ❤. Stay strong and de-stress! 😁 future teachers !
  14. Hey! No I have not applied for funding.
  15. So I should be studying for my midterm but I found this Looks promising !