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  1. I was already sent an email about my financial aid package. You should check your student center, you may already have information too! I was given a State University Grant that I believe is given to most graduate students in the CSU system, work-study, and loans.
  2. Wow, rent is really no joke... my sister lives in SF and pays about $1500/month for a tiny studio apartment, her bed is literally 5 steps away from the "kitchen." And $500 to park is ridiculous! I have friends in SoCal whose parking permits for their schools are around that amount as well. Then they also have to pay for the parking at their apartments. Using the bus can be a nice alternative, my sisters went to college in the east coast and relied solely on public transportation.
  3. Thank you so much! I totally agree that I wish we could all get spots, everyone is just so deserving of becoming an SLP! I'm so glad you found the place for you And I totally feel you on needing/wanting a change! I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors
  4. Yeah, when I went to the interview, parking was pretty ridiculous... But anyway, I'm glad you got a cheaper option!! I know you were worried about potentially having to go out of state - SFSU is a great program I have to learn more about the stipend associated with the Autism specialization because that could possibly make SFSU my cheapest option. It's a little risky banking on that though because we only apply to the track after accepting admission, meaning I could possibly not get into the track.. and without that specialization option, SFSU is lower on my list than UW... So many factors to consider Yeah, I'm mostly worried about homesickness being made worse by the weather. I've never necessarily been too averse to rain, but there's no way to tell yet because I've never experienced endless gray weather. Central CA does get pretty gloomy during the winter though, so maybe it won't be as dramatic of a change as SD to Seattle...... I doubt I'll like it lol, but hopefully if I choose Seattle I can put up with it for at least two years. Thank you so much for sharing!
  5. Just got home to my conditional acceptance Kind of an anti-climactic letter, if I'm being completely honest but I'll definitely take it LOL. SFSU is my top CA program and I'm really interested in the Autism specialization! Congratulations, everyone! Now to make a final decision...
  6. I agree! I wish they would give us an estimate of the entire program up front, though I realize it changes from year to year. But just a rough estimate would help a lot. Maybe it's just my programs, but to figure out costs I keep being directed to other websites where I have to personally add in summer costs in addition to things like rent. Even transportation and associated costs can knock you back quite a bit (I know a lot of CA schools that have pretty significant parking expenses). Thank you! I've heard mixed reviews about the rain lol but only positives about the scenery! I was in Seattle for about two days a couple years ago, and we were lucky enough to get a sunny weekend. It seemed like everyone was taking advantage of it, I really liked the vibe. I figure I'll be inside studying most of time anyway so the rain shouldn't be too big of a deal, but being from Central California I have no way to tell how I would react to rain LOL Good luck on your upcoming applications!
  7. Not anymore, to be honest. I applied because I wanted at least one possible New York option, since I have family there and used to live in Elmhurst - I love NYC! But now that I have an acceptance at UW Seattle and qualify for in-state tuition there, I can get my out of state adventure without paying the full sticker price of an out of state adventure lol. I may hold out just a day or two longer on TC, but I really doubt I will receive enough funding that will make it as inexpensive as my other options. Great program though, grateful and humbled by the acceptance! Someone on the waitlist will be very happy soon Thank you! I'll probably be declining tomorrow or the next day, if you want to hold out just a little longer lol. But if you feel you're meant for NYU, totally go for it! And from a fellow west-coaster, congratulations on your acceptance!!! It's so exciting to get into a top choice, you should be proud of your accomplishments that are taking you to New York next fall! Have you visited the campus or the city? West coast to New York is quite a change, I think it is so cool that you're going to NYU
  8. I'm glad they figured out your financial aid package! And yes, I wasn't expecting too much from UW either, I was barely expecting an acceptance to begin with LOL. Good luck with ASU and your final decision! Hopefully we will be classmates next fall I haven't looked into rent yet, I'm scared to do that lol. Living in Seattle may actually be cheaper for me than living in my next top city, San Francisco! However, UW being 8 quarters rather than 5 semesters like my other programs is adding some additional costs... I have to sit down and really calculate everything soon.
  9. Just got an email from TC about an hour ago that my application status was updated! Accepted! Good luck to everyone who applied
  10. I was, though I've no idea how it works in the department. I'm wondering if positions in their labs are on a first come first serve basis, and if the department doesn't have any more spots I have to get another work study job on-campus. I'll have to look more into it. And it looks like we may be classmates next fall!
  11. Aw, I'm sorry about that. I do hope you hear back soon on funding! UW is a fantastic program, and their MedSLP track is an especially unique and wonderful opportunity! The more I look into UW, the more I'm drawn toward it.
  12. @Maridele I'll be driving home tomorrow night to get the mail, so it won't be that much longer actually LOL. But it seems like every second I spend thinking about it is so long! So is April 10 a receive by date or send by date? That's earlier than the decision deadlines for other schools! Is sending verification of COC basically accepting the conditional admission? I wish they could just say, "You've been accepted!" haha
  13. I'm CoreSLP and also waiting for more news on funding. It's such a shame it got cut so much Did you guys receive work study in your financial aid package? I've yet to email the faculty member in charge of department work study to see how that works. I'm still waiting on SFSU to make my final decision, but will most likely be choosing UW in the end. I'm sure the cost will probably scare some people away though, so hold tight on funding! Good luck! I need to find some CoreSLP people LOL
  14. Dang, my letter will be arriving at my parents' address, who are on vacation for a week! I'll be driving home to pick up their mail anyway, but I guess I'll be waiting just a little while longer. Congratulations on your first acceptance, and from your first choice! That is so exciting! Be proud of your accomplishments and rest easy now - you're going to grad school!!! Yes, CA schools are so competitive, and out of state costs are so expensive! But you did it!! I'm glad you have a cheaper option, and at a great program you're familiar with as well. Congratulations on all your accomplishments!
  15. Still waiting on SFSU (interviewed), TC Columbia, and Fresno State. Fresno State is my current university and sends out decisions very late so I'm not too anxious about that one, plus I think I'll be attending another university anyway. I'm also pretty sure I wouldn't attend TC Columbia, but would like to know their decision so I can still compare my potential options and move on. SFSU is the only one I'm really anxious for, because it's my top CA program! It sounds like we'll be finding out from SFSU very very soon so fingers crossed for everyone who applied!