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  1. Thank you! that's good information. This would be the first time I move away from home, sort of nervous. Have you chosen where you want to attend?
  2. I would personally choose the most affordable school as a whole (cost of living in the area, transportation etc). If you are between schools with similar cost, then I would consider the specializations each program offers. Honestly, the most important thing for me is getting the core education on the field. I think once you are out in the workforce you will acquire and learn from your work experiences, without paying 20K more. I think you will certainly have this if you choose to work in multicultural environments after your studies. Also, you choose to apply to certain schools because they fit your criteria, I would definitely go with the most affordable one.
  3. Wow I'm also trying to figure out what to do in terms of living. Is super hard because I don't know San Francisco and I don't know what areas are good or if it's worth living outside the city. Will you be relying solely on financial aid and loans?
  4. Congrats @KennyCyrilo!! Its such a relieve. Any of you guys know if the program is completed as a cohort with same classes or everyone basically goes on their own pace? I forgot to ask about this in the interview.
  5. Thank you!!@pbandj Woww so when Are you getting the mail? On my letter they state I have to submit verification of COC no later than April 10.
  6. Congratulations!! @jmk I just got home from work and I also got a conditional acceptance!!! I am so happy right now! My first acceptance and my number one choice. Life changing day.
  7. Yes! that's exactly what I was thinking.
  8. I would assume that the financial aid information would be sent out after person has accepted? The girl who was in my interview group said that the letter required for her to do a background check and that acceptance is contingent on the results. She also said that they were going to send out an email, however she has not received one yet. Her student center has not updated either. She lives in San Jose so perhaps she got the letter sooner because of her location? I am super anxious because I know this week a lot of us will find out.
  9. Thank you! @pbandj right? I was like Ok do they need anything from me? but you know what I think is happening is that they are getting ready to notify us on their decision. On Saturday one of the girls that I interviewed texted me and said she got an acceptance letter in the mail. Mail person didn't come to my house this weekend so I haven't received anything. I also believe this is their spring break week.
  10. This morning I got an email from San Francisco state with subject line: Update Regarding Your SF State Application. I went on to check the application status and nothing. I am wondering if I should call them because it also stated to turn in materials if I haven't done so and contact the department. I am not sure why this update since I was interviewed and I am just waiting for their response. Any thoughts? Maybe it's nothing and I am just super nervous and trippin.
  11. Yes that cal state LA....have you heard back? Chances are good ..
  12. @jmkAlright that's fair! I did my postbac at Cal state La and it's not the case there. Out of like 20 students that they accept I would say about 90% are cal state LA students a mixture of undergrads and postbacs. Sorta crazy ..
  13. Did you also go to sfsu interview? Yea.. that day is sorta of a blur now..but they did say we we're a really great group? Like they emphasized the statement.. MEHh maybe I'm looking into it too much but I really think we all did great. I also heard that they prioritize sfsu students. How accurate is this?
  14. I remember! I actually remember your name too. What are your thoughts about the whole interview? I thought it was weird and really have no idea what they will base of on.