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  1. Well although I'm very happy I got into NPSIA, I'm a little disappointed with my funding offer after viewing everyone's here. Only offered 5k over the 2 years and no TA position. Disappointed considering I was offered 19k plus TA positions at carleton's political science program.
  2. Anyone else seeing discrepancies when they check their funding in 'view award/funding' vs. When they check their official offer ?
  3. Anyone know how the TA scholarship works? Specifically, do you get paid hourly on top of the awarded funding?
  4. To those officially accepted to NPSIA: any TA/research assistant offers?
  5. Same here. Hopefully we can finally see our offers tomorrow
  6. It's the average of your last 20 credits, or equivalent (each credit being a half year/one semester course)
  7. I guess I just don't like the sound of 'unofficial offer of admission'. But I'm most likely just being paranoid.
  8. To those that had their specialization change, as well as their status to 'review in progress by department', did this eventually lead to an official offer?
  9. I got the unofficial acceptance from tabbatha the other night along with the others that posted here. But my status has not changed from 'recommended for assessment', and my specialization still says N/A. Anyone else in the same boat? Wondering if I should be worried...
  10. For those with Carleton apps, have any of your statuses changed from 'recommended for assessment' ??
  11. What's the status on your poli sci application? Mine is still 'review in progress by department'
  12. Just emailed NPSIA to ask when we can expect admission offers. Here's the response: Thank you for your email below. At this time, we are in the process of preparing files for review. We anticipate having decisions to applicants over the next 3 weeks. Decisions will be sent by email, to the email address listed on the application. Also, my status changed to 'recommended for assessment' around early February. Last name B