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  1. Hey everyone! I'm a bit unsure if I should apply this year. I applied last year for the research scholarship to Denmark and was selected as a semi-finalist. Unfortunately, I wasn't selected as a finalist. I just graduated from undergrad in May, and I got the Rotary Global scholarship to do my MPH in London starting this September. I'm still very interested in the Fulbright, but I'm worried my GPA might not be good enough to apply. It's a little less than 3.5. But, through my undergrad year, I've done a ton of research and co-authored several publications in international journals. If I were to apply for the Fulbright, it would be public health research. Are my chances better if I apply again to Denmark or are there other countries that are not so competitive for public health research? My other option is to wait to finish my MPH then apply next year. If I wait until next year, I'm hoping to do really well in my MPH so I would have a good chance to apply despite not having a top undergrad GPA. Any suggestions/thoughts will be very helpful!
  2. Hey everyone! I've been reading all your posts, and I was wondering if anyone applied to the DAAD One Year Grant? I recently graduated with a BS in the U.S., and I will be doing my MPH in London starting this September. I'm very interested in doing the One Year Grant after my MPH. Is this grant geared more towards PhDs? If you applied for this grant, what was the application experience like? I'm worried I might be at a disadvantage because I will only have a Masters at the start of the grant next year. But, through my undergrad years, I did a ton of research and co-authored several publications in international journals. Any advice will be very helpful!
  3. Any semi-finalists for Denmark? I wonder if we hear back in April.