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  1. Once I log in what I see is: Academics Degree Registration Status HA MHI 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Invited You do not have any enrolled courses for 2017 Winter. I sent the deposit yesterday, so now I'm waiting for it to get processed...I encourage everyone who will send it to send it via expresspost so that you have a tracking number.
  2. Right after you log in to ROSI, first page. edit: ROSI is down...check in ACORN
  3. Congrats! I've been hearing good things about the mcmaster program, and it does give you a Masters in science, which could be useful. Did you get an email that your application is forwarded to the grad department? I'm going to be going to UofT but McMaster was my 2nd choice.
  4. Don't know about ACORN, as I logged into ROSI, but it shows that I've been invited into the program and financial information (which is empty right now).
  5. In ROSI it says I've been invited to the fall/winter semesters. Maybe ROSI was updated too for you..check it out
  6. I got the recommendation to the graduate department email today..It says the offer would come via email within 10 days.
  7. me too. got it in the mail. There is a $500 deposit that has to be payed when accepting the offer just so you guys know..
  8. Thanks for answering! I thought my interview went well too so I'm a bit surprised I didn't get that e-mail after the interview. The projects seem pretty interesting.. How many people are in the program? How large are the class sizes? What's the schedule like? How did you find the internship, or was it assigned?
  9. hey guys, Iris told me today that the committee is finalizing decisions and everyone will have an answer by the 24th. I didn't get the e-mail that my interview went well and that my application is sent to the grad department. Dwabtit, last year did you not hear anything besides the final decision? How are you liking the program? What sort of projects are you working on?
  10. Congrats! Iris told me they're still interviewing candidates this week and will be making a decision shortly. From reading the last years thread it looks like McMaster's takes its time sending out the offer letters. Check in Mosaic once in a while.
  11. My interview was in the 3rd week of February and I got the informal acceptance e-mail 2 days ago. My status on SGS changed to 'decision made'. Now I'm waiting on the official letter in the mail! I applied for the course based stream, not executive. Has anyone heard back from McMaster? I'm still waiting to hear back (Iris said this week). Not worried about it though since I'm going to be choosing UofT!
  12. Sometime in the early afternoon. Check SGS, My status changed to 'decision made'. Offer letter should be coming in a few weeks! Very happy about uoft since it's my first choice!
  13. I got an email from uoft yesterday that I'm in! The offer email will be coming in the mail (hopefully soon)! I'm almost sure I will be accepting uoft but will wait on McM! .
  14. Sorry to hear about the rejection from uoft.. Did you receive the news through post or email? Best of luck in London.