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  1. It seems like everything is great!!! So, dont wrry too much!!!!
  2. Hello and congratulations¡¡¡¡¡ Did they call you?? @barbelle
  3. Nothing yet for me, i been calling but the line is always busy so i talk to the answer machine... i think that i didnt get accept, other way they already would contact me. But, as the rest of us im praying for good news. I wish you all that you got accepted or that you got a plan B. :S
  4. Nothing new for me girls? What about you girls?
  5. This is funny, i just called the girls was very hostile by the way. She told me exactly the same as she said to you!!!! good luck!!! Autumn
  6. Same here! I haven't heard from the school, not changes in my status...
  7. Hello and congratulations Clementine!!!! How did your portal changed? Good luck to everyone and congrats to all of you that already got accepted!!!
  8. So lets still wait, about the interview i don't think so, doesn't make much sense...
  9. Hello, another week.... someone has some news???
  10. wow!!! Congratulations!!!!! You just received the email???
  11. Nothing yet, good luck to everyone
  12. Nothing yet, right? Still waiting!!! I hope everyone gets accepted girls!! The best vibes for everyone
  13. Autumn and namaste hello!!! Another week.... the good thing i think is that people report here if accepted or not. So, i think they havent communicate yet what they decided. I cant take it anymore. have a grreat weekened!!
  14. Hahaha we are all the same, in fact I'm from Mexico I studied here. So... Waiting Also the bad thing is that they let know everyone at the same time if rejected or accepted. Lets keep being positive!!!
  15. Hello Autum!!! Same here :S waiting and waiting for the decision.... i read you studied there, i think you have very good chances to get accepted!!!! i send you the best vibes, did you apply to any other school?