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  1. Hi guys! For those who were accepted to UVic, did they give you a deadline to accept/decline your offer? I'm still waiting to hear from them, so getting a little anxious!
  2. Anyone hear from UVic yet? Or know historically around when they sent out decisions?
  3. Would those who have been accepted to SFU mind sharing what stream they were accepted for? Thanks!
  4. I'm still waiting to hear from SFU as well. Apparently they're releasing admission decisions as they go through the files, so hopefully we will hear soon!
  5. @overandover Congratulations on your acceptance to SFU!! If you don't mind me asking, which stream did you apply for? Did you see that just on the Application Status page? Mine doesn't seem to have a place where it lists the status, it just lists the application.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what stream were you accepted for? I'm still waiting to hear from SFU, UBC, and UVic! Congratulations on your offer!