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  1. Wow that's so much later than previous years- at least according to the results page and past threads. But you're right, at least now there is a date to look forward to! Has anyone heard anything about when UBC will start to send out offers?
  2. Congrats! Me too!!
  3. I'm not too sure and can't check until next week. Something's up with my login ID & password so I need to call the registrar to reset it but I forgot about the time difference and will have to wait until Monday.
  4. From the Admission Procedures part of the Dalhousie SLP site it says decisions will be snail mailed in April and May. From the results page of previous years it seems most people got notifications by email and WAY earlier so I'm not sure why the change this year :/
  5. Has anyone heard from UBC yet? I think it was around this time last year that early acceptances started going out but they also changed the reference deadline so I'm wondering if that'll affect when they send out their admissions decisions.