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  1. I think that the deadline for the initial acceptance and deposit was April 15th and after the first revision, they did very few or no offers (at least for the MPA2, I got an email about this on Monday) I don't know if there are more intermediate deadlines before the "summer melt" time... I hope so (as the one for documents that you comment).
  2. Any other brave woman or man in this forum waiting to see what Matt and his team read on the odds of the waitlist? #FingersCrossed #IhopeTheyMessedTheYield ;-)
  3. How was the Welcome Day for those who attended?
  4. If you only see this text: "If you need to contact us regarding your application, provide your name and this reference number XXXXXXXXXX", then it has changed. If you have more information, including email addresses and more text, it didn't.
  5. New blog post... http://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/. This is the one about reading the names and checking the systems, which last year was published the day before decisions went public. Closer and closer!
  6. I did exactly the same with that user ... I think that I need a couple days offline and suddenly see the decision on Tuesday/Wednesday... But it is so hard not to recheck all the time! All the best team!
  7. This is getting closer. There is a new post in the blog, with a content that explains the New Admit Blog and Portal and other related things, which at least in 2015 and 2016 was published two days before the Admissions Decisions went public. Then, or they are released on the 7th or Matt (and his great team) wants to create a bit of surprise this year! Wednesday is the norm...but the 7th is a Tuesday :-S
  8. Thank you, maybe it depends on the program. I applied to the MPA2! Or simply they started posting the decisions internally and then stopped on Friday and will continue on Monday.
  9. Thank you, probably it is the same for all of us... any of the forum members has yet the old format?
  10. Hello everyone! This forum is very quiet this time if compared with previous years. Quick question... I have just checked my application and the format has changed (basically, it has lost the majority of text and now there is only a short paragraph in the left -before there were email addresses and other ways of contacting HKS- and the application checklist in the right - no more instructions-). Did this happen to everyone? Thank you and good luck! I think we are quite close (my bet, maximum: Wednesday the 8th or even earlier).