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  1. I am in the same boat. I have not even been seriously considering any of the expensive schools I applied to, because I was so focused on minimizing cost of tuition. My parents are willing to pay for my education at TC even though the price is insanely high, but I am having a hard time justifying it. It really offers what I want which is the multiculturalism, but it's so far and so expensive. I can't just make my parents pay 100k for me to get a job that pays 60k starting salary. With respect to your decision, I think you should go with program A! TC offers an online bilingual certificate program now so wherever you are, you can get the education later on.
  2. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into programs that I liked more later on, so I will be declining. Wishing you and your friends luck!
  3. Are you talking about Disorders of Articulation and Phonology or something else like development? If that is what you are looking for, it is offered online at USU every semester I believe. You can try to check out schools that have a undergraduate department in speech in your area. I know a lot of people took their post-bacc at Lehman and Queens and it's a pretty basic course so they should have it.
  4. @pbandj Just curious because you are from the west coast, are you leaning towards going to TC?
  5. @ElKel87 In the past Brooklyn has asked people to interview in April, so I wouldn't give up completely. But I would mentally prepare yourself for your current top choice! There's still a month until the deadline for me to convince myself I want to go to NYU I guess...
  6. I interviewed with Brooklyn back in February so I'm pretty upset that I'm not hearing anything lol. I don't care what the decision is I just want to get it over with. Literally checking my email every 10 minutes right now, and it's so bad for my nerves. It seems that they typically take a long time to send out rejections though, which is honestly quite crappy for us. As for Hunter, I have an interview coming up so I'm not obsessing over my portal just yet... but it is gonna take so long to get decisions.
  7. Somebody got an acceptance email from Brooklyn college today, and I have nothing in my mail box 😢 😢 😢
  8. I am going to do casual because I don't see open house as very formal events. It's just to get us to know the schools better, and I know that students dress pretty casually when they go to class (not clinic) so I don't think it would be a problem.
  9. All we know for sure is that they will be released mid to late March. My guess is next week based on stalking old results and their academic calendar.
  10. Yeah I agree. I know that Hunter rescheduled their interview to next week because of the blizzard, which means I have to wait longer for my decision. If everything will come all at once next week that would be fabulous!
  11. I stalked the results page for a few years back, and every year TC has released decisions before or during spring break. They are on spring break right now so it has been driving me insane that we are not hearing anything! According to their academic calendar offices will be closed tomorrow so I doubt we will be hearing anything until next week. Personal rant: wherever I decide to go basically hinges on whether or not I get accepted to TC so it is extra frustrating to not know where I stand. Whatever the decision is, I just want to know so I can move on! Ugh.
  12. I honestly don't remember if I ever typed in my social for CSDCAS, but if they have my FAFSA I don't understand why they wouldn't have my social. I am feeling too lazy to call since I already have my finaid package haha.
  13. @CaliK8 I am the exact opposite! After 4 years of walking around with tourists and random shoppers I would love love love a campus! It is a great place to be and I am sure you would love it. Unfortunately, I was a commuter so I am completely clueless about how to get housing. Everything I talked about is from the experiences of my friends. @languagegirl I got the email too! It's weird because I already received my financial aid package so I am not sure if I still need to call... I went to NYU for undergrad so they already have my social security number technically. Did you get your finaid package yet?
  14. List all the schools you applied to.
  15. Yes. Some schools have a deadline and some don't, but since you are already accepted to one school it is imperative you do your FAFSA so that school can process it. I am sure that it will work out in the end, just call their finaid office to straighten things out!