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  1. I don't think you have anything to lose by calling or sending an email as long as you do it politely and professionally! As long as you don't pester them, I personally believe it says a lot about your desire to join the program.
  2. @leekrasner Oh no! Well, at least we can take comfort in knowing we're not alone? @Gwhar1 Thank you! @Pooryoungdriver Yikes. I wonder if this is some sort of sign?
  3. So...assuming that graduate admissions JUST forwarded my application to the review committee after having my file for over a month, when's the best time to contact them again regarding a decision? Should I wait till the end of March?
  4. I'm not sure if this classifies as "venting" since I'm not exactly angered. I'm just in a very "how did this even happen" kind of mood. I called up a school to check the decision status of my application. Learned that my file was never forwarded to the admissions committee for review and that they would rectify this by sending it over right away. So...at this point in the game, I'm thinking that best case scenario for my top choice school is an admit with zero funding. IF I get an admit...
  5. I worked up the courage to call RIT regarding my decision status. Learned that my application was never actually forwarded to the committee for review. I of course received several apologies for the mistake. Whelp. Guess I'll see what happens next.
  6. @ss2 Your work is amazing! Whelp. I admit, I get nervous when sharing my artwork with other extremely talented artists. Here goes nothing, though. http://annenamocatcat.com
  7. I'm starting to feel like I need to perform some kind of dance in order to entice the admissions gods to send their decisions sooner. Side question: What program did you apply to?
  8. I just got SO excited seeing an RIT Graduate Admissions email in my inbox. Nope. It's just the March newsletter.
  9. Thank you so much! I'll be crossing my fingers for us both! @llamallama Congrats on RIT!
  10. Very true. I do know that RIT closed earlier this week due to inclement weather. I figured I'd wait until this coming Wednesday before I tried to contact them.
  11. Still waiting from RIT. They said I would hopefully hear back before March 15th, but that didn't happen. I wonder if the fact that it's spring break right now has anything to do with it.
  12. So how long after the deadline is it acceptable to contact graduate admissions to see if any decisions were made?
  13. I love my boyfriend dearly and we have so much chemistry when we're together. But lately, he's been stressed. He's been withdrawing and it's been a bit of a strain. I know it's ultimately his decision to open up (or not), but some days I'm at such a loss.
  14. Aww, thank you! Just crossing my fingers that this all goes according to plan lol. Best of luck to you as well!
  15. Ha, figures. Was really banking on today being the day I find out if I got in or not. Turns out RIT is closed today due to severe weather conditions.