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  1. Would anyone be able to give me a breakdown about what the difference in the two is? I'm pursuing a career in Sports Analytics and every job I research wants candidates to have a degree in Statistics (assuming "Statistics" in a general sense). Are there major differences? Is one degree more difficult than the other? I will love you all if you can help.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new here, I found out about you guys through reddit. I just applied to grad school for the first time ever about 2 weeks ago to Temple University for MS Statistics. I want to apply to a few more places, I know it's very late. I was wondering if anyone knew of any universities that offer online Statistics programs (not lookin for applied statistics). I'm really not concerned about rank and all that I just want to be able to get in somewhere as soon as possible. Also, anything in the Philadelphia area, obviously Philly has great schools like Penn and Drexel but I'm not qualified for schools of that ilk. By the way I am a career changer going from Law Enforcement with an ultimate goal of a career in Sports Analytics.