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  1. I really thought this would be the week we'd hear back from Munk...
  2. I can't believe that second round of offers from Munk hasn't come out yet...
  3. Did they give you any indication of when they would send out the second round of offers?
  4. I didn't hear back from Munk today at all...My application is still under review and my Acorn page doesn't say 'invited' so I'm really worried
  5. Thanks! I just got on now, but my status hasn't changed
  6. How did you log into/ create an account with ACORN?
  7. What's frustrating is Munk...nobody has heard anything from them
  8. No word from Munk yet today, I'm getting so anxious...
  9. If I had to guess, Munk admissions will come out next week. They sound swamped right now since they're not emailing people back or answering calls.
  10. Please let us know when you hear back!
  11. Has anyone emailed Munk in the last couple of days to get another update on when acceptances will be handed out?
  12. No word from Munk yet, the suspense is killing me too! I don't think I can go another day without hearing...