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  1. Looking for a place in NYC for this summer, or possibly for the next year as well. I'm arriving to NYC on May 16th so I can't check it out or sign anything until then. Please let me know of anything!
  2. I was accepted to NYU on March 23rd and they told me they would send me my financial aid info by the end of March. They told me I'm under review for my loans and keep pushing back the date of when they'll send me financial aid package. Is anyone in the same boat? It's not really fair to wait on letting me know this late, considering the deadline to accept or decline my other offers is in 6 days...
  3. I received a scholarship and just got the email to attend the admitted students welcome in April. Has anyone received the official financial aid award notice email yet?
  4. Yes. When did you submit your app? Was it after the January 15th early deadline?
  5. Just got my acceptance as well!! This is my number one choice but I have to wait til I hear about financial aid before I can accept. NYU is soo expensive
  6. I totally feel you. I've just accepted at this point that I literally won't know anything until March 31st. I guess they had a superstar application lol
  7. looks like someone on the results page just got in! We should know soon!!
  8. i realize the problem, I applied late. Apparently, if you apply after the early deadline you won't find out your decision until the end of May can't wait that long considering I've got other offers to accept by April 15th. Did anyone that got in to IED/ICE through the portal apply after January 15th?
  9. I agree. I don't want them to find out and then fix the bug for those of us who don't know yet. Also, whether or not they are in alphabetical order, you will find out within 24 hours or so from someone at the top of the list. Just be patient, at least we know they are almost done.
  10. My last name also starts with W and I can't get in the portal. Theres also a solid chance I didn't get accepted, TC is a bit of a longshot for me lol. Congrats to everyone thats in!
  11. Has anyone heard back for the International Education MA at NYU for fall/summer 2017? Decisions were out by now last year but some years it looks like they took closer til the end of March. Or has anyone spoken to admissions and have an idea when they'll go out?
  12. I just saw on their facebook that Teacher's College will be closed tomorrow because of a winter storm. So if we don't hear back today it may be another couple days of anxiety. Or possibly a week because they are currently on spring break. argghhhhh
  13. I also saw it and its gone for me too. I applied to IED. I'm getting a little anxious now. Decisions usually have gone out by this point for the IED/ICE programs according to the results page from previous years. Has anyone talked to admissions about it?
  14. I got in! Admissions says first round of merit awards will go out on Monday and then they will continue sending them out through early April. We will just have to wait and see.