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  1. did you get accepted through an email or physical letter?
  2. what were you asked?
  3. What kind of questions can you expect on the interview? So far, the things I've noticed are: Why social work, Why (your preferred specialization), do you work full-time, and do you have any questions for me
  4. Just received my email asking for an interview! Holding out 'til the last minute for me, I guess!
  5. You're giving me hope that I might actually be called, as I was told the same thing! I almost started getting ready to look for a job in the meantime, until I could apply again
  6. thanks for the information! wish you all the best while waiting for your results!
  7. Any of you guys and girls that were called in for an interview remember getting an email with a subject header saying "MSW Program Online Application - Final Submission Confirmation"? I checked and double-checked that I had the CSUMentor application sent in, as well as the MSW department application was sent in, prior to the deadline. Was this just saying that they finally received my application?
  8. Perhaps I will try to submit them earlier next time, depending on what happens to my application this time around. I remember asking at the MSW informational session if they review the applications and LORs on a rolling basis, or if they will review them all once the deadline has passed, and they assured me that it was after the deadline was passed, but that is only as truthful as they want it to be. They more than likely review the applications sooner depending on how early you submitted them. Thanks for the information!
  9. Did you submit your letters of recommendation online? or as a physical copy? Also, when did you submit your applications? Congratulations on the big success with your applications?
  10. Congratulations! What type of work experience have you been having recently, if you dont mind me asking? I am asking because I have a bad feeling I will not be receiving an interview, and I am starting to look at jobs to gain experience in the field, so I can have a better chance at Fall 2018
  11. full time or part time program? good luck!
  12. I hope so.. I really just need to get myself into an interview and I know I can solidify my spot
  13. Yeah, I'm applied for the full time program
  14. for the full-time program or part time program?
  15. Congratulations! Now I just hope to at least get an interview for myself (for the 2 year program)