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  1. @angela4 I wouldn't mind joining a group on Facebook! It would be so helpful to have support from others during the time we start school! I'll pm you thank you everyone for your kind words. I got the courage to ask for accommodations and recently got accepted to get them. Now I'm feeling the anxiety of telling my professors about those accomodations. I think what I'm more worry about is failing my classes but I shouldn't be thinking like that..
  2. Thanks everyone!!
  3. Hey everyone! I recently got accepted to school and I feel so excited! But the nerves are kicking in about school.. I am diagnosed with several mental disorders. I'm not sure how classes are going to be or if I'm going to be able to handle it. Has anyone gone to graduate school with a disability? How did you manage? Did you get accommodations? I'm just worried of my professors/classmates judging me if I ask for accommodations and that I'm also a "slow" learner. Thanks
  4. Thank you! I'll PM you my email
  5. Still looking for Texas state
  6. My mother had stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. It was so aggressive that it spread tumors to her knee, lungs, and brain. After finding out she had cancer she only lived for 4 months. During those months my father and I took care of her. Due to the tumors in her brain she lost the ability to speak to us, eat, and comprehend information. She didn't even get the chance to say goodbye... It was a devastating experience. Even though this broke my heart, it opened a new chapter in my life. I made it my goal to become a speech path in hoping I can help individuals like my mother be able to communicate. I want to work with both adults and children (my main goal is to work with cancer patients) so I can give them a means of communication.
  7. More than likely yes! I'm waiting for El Paso though.. I will accept my offer by Friday
  8. Looking for Texas state!
  9. Mine says "decision made: admit to institution" It did change.
  10. Did anyone get an interview with the university of El Paso?
  11. I'm wondering if they offer you funding or you have to apply for positions to get money? Im still waiting on three schools before I decide on accepting this offer
  12. You too! Are you planning on accepting Texas state?
  13. I got the acceptance email just now
  14. I got the same thing!!! I don't know if it means I did get in. I'm panicking!