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  1. Truman represent!
  2. I would also be interested to learn this. So far, I have uploaded my proof of citizenship, the terms and conditions form, and my medical form which are, I believe, the only things you can do before getting the authorization form/ financial form. I guess just wait for an email?
  3. გმადლობთ!
  4. Got Georgian ETA!
  5. Anybody else here a semi-finalist for Eurasia? I'm one for Georgia and I am wondering if anyone from the region has been notified yet.
  6. I went and worked out in a serious manner for the first time today to Take my mind off it. Unfortunately I don't think Georgia is going to announce for at least a weak if the past is any indication.
  7. Lol. I know exactly who you are. Hopefully I get Georgia and you get spain, then you can return to the Cacusus.
  8. ETA Georgia!