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  1. Do same when you come to California.
  2. Okay great! All the best with that... I'll do well to get in touch anytime i come to Washington
  3. I am definitely attending!!! Are you??
  4. Thank you
  5. So i got the full MasterCard Scholarship!!! so i guess i'll be on my way to Berkeley...:) who else is surely gonna attend Goldman? let's connect!
  6. @Greene but you mentioned you have full scholarship with Berkeley already or?
  7. yes. Had an interview this week. Final decisions should be out next week.
  8. Hi @Greene i am actually in the same boat as you. the only difference is i applied for the MPP program. I got into columbia for MPA(without funding) and Berkeley for MPP (close to getting a mastercard scholarship, fingers crossed on that). I actually like Columbia because of its location and proximity to most International organizations where i would want to pursue m career. But did you apply for the Mastercard scholarship as well?
  9. I got in too but no funding :(. Are there other external funding sources anyone else knows of? is it too late to look for funding?
  10. Hello All. i got in too but no funding :(. Anyone else applied for the Mastercard scholarship? @mfmppdo you know any previous mastercard beneficiary you can connect me to?