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  1. Looks like you can't activate your U of T email until you get your UTORid, which you get when you go in person and get a Tcard. But if you're out of town, you can use your JOINid (from your application) and student number (on your offer letter) to access ACORN so you can pay tuition and register for classes among other things. Check "Using your JOINid" at: http://www.dlsph.utoronto.ca/students/current-students/information-for-incoming-students/
  2. I haven't heard anything from them either, but if you're in Toronto you can just go to the Tcard office and get your student ID. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, I saw someone get turned away. http://tcard.utoronto.ca/getting-your-new-tcard-2/
  3. Just realized today they sent the correction to our U of T emails, not to our personal ones where they sent the erroneous rejections.
  4. THANK YOU!!! I just took a late lunch at work, saw the email and FREAKED OUT. Also it's been two hours not sure why it's not a priority for them to send out corrections.
  5. Hey! Just wondering what the process was for this for you? I emailed Gerri and she responded cc'ing the School of Graduate Studies for them to take care of it, but I never heard from them and my SGS status still says "offer accepted", so I'm a bit unsure if this was dealt with or not.
  6. Not sure about competitiveness, but I was just talking to a friend who did the program a few years ago, and she said it was just as easy to set up global health practica without being in the global health emphasis (she did two global health practica and did not do the emphasis). So even if you don't get in to the collaborative or didn't end up applying, you can still choose to focus on global health on your own. Not sure what other benefits there are to actually being in the collaborative program. My friend also mentioned that people she knew who did the emphasis did not ultimately find it that valuable, FWIW, but this was a few years ago and it seems like they're making some changes with the switch from emphasis to collaborative, so who knows.
  7. Anyone else who received an unofficial offer to U of T epi on April 28 not receive an official offer yet? Starting to get anxious since some others have received them and I haven't heard anything yet... Those who have received your official offer, did your application status change in the SGS portal?
  8. Two weeks from when official offer emails are sent out. I received an unofficial offer ("recommendation for admission") from DLSPH Epi division on April 28th but have not yet received the official offer email from the School of Graduate Studies.
  9. By email, personalized in that it has my name and applicant number but the rest is generic I'm sure. SGS still says under review. Good luck! Hope you hear soon
  10. Just got an email that I've been recommended for admission to U of T's MPH Epidemiology! Good luck to those still waiting to hear. Will be declining offers to Waterloo, UVic, and Queen's for those hoping to get off the wait lists.