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  1. hi could you tell me how are the job prospects after ms in cs at gmu.also let me know your profile as I am applying for ms cs for fall 2011.
  2. hi saw your post and got to know that you have an admit from uva..congratss..did u apply for phd and then got selected into ms program..also could u lemme know your gre scores gpa and publications..would be of help..thanks in advance

  3. even ive applied for phd in cs ,but havent heard anything from them yet..m an international applicant ..@'waiting0227' could you lemme know hw did u cum across the admits news? ..lemme know if there are any updates..
  4. Hey would like to know when did you receive your Duke admit..was it thru status check or mail?also let me know your profile as well..
  5. For NEU I have applied for the MS program..any news regarding that..Thanks
  6. me too..even i have not yet received any updates from any of the universities that ive applied to..pray for me evry one.. Applied to :-TAMU,Duke,Penn State(University Park),University of Virginia,Northeastern University.. Wishing to get an admit from at least one..
  7. Hi when and how did you receive you Duke admit?Congrats..well even i have applied for phd in duke..let me know k..