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  1. Was offered admission to McMaster Global Health May 9th and to Waterloo MPH Tuesday @ 11 am (will be declining this one for sure!).
  2. Waitlisted at U of T (health promo stream). Time stamp of the email: 5:31pm
  3. Still Waiting to hear from them too!
  4. Yeah, I still haven't heard from Waterloo!
  5. Yes, accepting Guelph because my deadline is tomorrow (April 11th). But will switch to U of T if I get an acceptance there! Good luck!
  6. Thanks
  7. Is this about the same timeline for the U of T MPH behavioural sciences/health promo stream?
  8. Just got an email from Western MPH (time stamp 9:07 am) notifying me that I've been placed on the waitlist and that because of the large number of applications this year, they've adopted rolling admissions.
  9. Lol this is me every day. I feel you! Waiting to hear from Waterloo, Western and U of T still.
  10. Congrats!!
  11. @Tahnin, Mine also says "no decision yet" on Waterloo's Quest.
  12. Haven't received the email yet either. My WebAdvisor was updated around 11:15am-ish
  13. Thank you!! And of course... I submitted the actual app through OUAC with payment on January 24th but I was uploading my documents right up until the night before the deadline (January 31st was my last upload!). Hope that info helps & good luck!
  14. Hey guys, I received an offer of admission from Brock MPH on Thursday around noon time when I checked and my status for Guelph MPH just changed to admitted now (I just checked around 11:15 am) Wishing you guys luck!!!
  15. Hi all, Thought I'd make an account since I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from MPH programs as well. I applied to MPH programs at: Western, Guelph, Waterloo, Toronto (behavioural sci & health promo stream), Brock. I haven't heard anything back yet. Best of luck to everyone! Hoping we all get into our top choices