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  1. Hi there, FYI I received word today about my research grant to Turkey. They've stated that proposals to Istanbul are not gaurenteed, and have asked that I find a different affiliate / city to conduct my research. It is unclear to me whether or not they will revoke grants that insist on staying in Istanbul.
  2. Turkey research and ETA. This wait is so agonizing!
  3. I'm glad to know others' take on this! I thought it was odd when I was advised not too--but the idea of putting it there still feels wrong, since I didn't have the opportunity to complete the award.
  4. I was an ETA grantee to Turkey last year, and they suspended the program before it even begun, and I was told by multiple people not to include it on my own CV.
  5. Best of luck! They told us SO early last year, which was so nice, so this wait has been particularly agonizing. I'm thinking of you and am rooting for you!
  6. Wonderful! I'm told the ETA program run this year. Were you part of the crew last year when the program was suspended? Or are you a new applicant? I applied for research this year.
  7. I am! Research or ETA?
  8. I love this! I show it to my students at the beginning of every term!
  9. Thank you! I've never been, but have been hopeful to call it home for a very long time. I was selected as a ETA Finalist for 2016-2017, but they suspended the program after the attempted coup back in July
  10. Anyone on this thread waiting on announcements for Turkey ?