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    CLS Turkish, Fulbright ETA Germany
  2. Holy crap. It came???
  3. No, it's not wrong for you to be miffed. I don't understand how it takes them so long. Granted, Germany has the most awards/candidates of any country, but even so, other big countries (Korea, Spain, Malaysia) have been pretty timely this year. If they don't notify this week, something might be off.
  4. So much for German punctuality y'all
  5. Bummer, I am waiting on Turkish. I applied for intermediate though, and I feel like it's a lot of beginners who get bumped? Maybe it's just me? Trying to remain hopeful. Edit: Thanks for the new info!
  6. I haven't heard anything yet. I emailed CLS yesterday but they didn't give any helpful info.
  7. I'm in the exact same conundrum. This is the only thing I applied for (unwisely) so if I don't get the ETA I'll have to start looking too.
  8. Congrats to all Germany Research!! Nun warten wir auf das ETA. Hoffentlich kommt auch heute!!
  9. Definitely weird. Figured you guys had gotten both emails. I was hoping this meant my address got put into a new email group list (updated list of finalists with bumped alternates?) but I didn't wanna speculate too much for fear of reading too much into it. It's probably an error as you said.
  10. I'm currently on my spring break and it's been driving me bonkers!! I have too much free time and not enough distractions But yeah, I get the ugly cry thing.
  11. Did any other alternates just get the email from CLS, "Alumni Resource Directories Correction," but not the original email it is apologizing for? lol (But seriously, curious if any other alternates got this email. I assume the finalists did?)
  12. ~first post here~ Also waiting for Germany ETA. I think our chances are pretty good this week.
  13. Thank you! İnşallah
  14. Hi guys! I'm an alternate for Turkish - keeping my fingers crossed for an upgrade. I emailed CLS and they said they are still working on the first round of notifications for alternates. Few more days probably. Congrats to all the finalists so far~