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  1. Hi olayak, Yeah I saw the post you mentioned, but I wanted to see if there are any non Americans that went through a similar decision as I described in my post. Thank you for your reply and good luck with your DSW studies.
  2. Hi all, I got into Columbia and Hunter MSW programs and I simply can not make up my mind. Does it really just come down to name value (Columbia) vs cost (Hunter)? I'm from Israel and been living in NYC for the last year and a half, studying in Columbia will be a great achievement but I can not afford it and will 100% have to take out loans. As you know, being a social worker won't make you a millionaire which makes gaining debt even scarier. That being said, I'm not sure will stay in the NY area forever and therefore the name value of Columbia holds great value for my career (I think). So, as you can tell I am very much undecided. If anyone here went through a similar decision or have any advice, it would be appreciated. Thanks