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  1. LSHTM has a rolling admission policy and even though their acceptance rates are higher still its competitive to get an offer. Applying close to the deadline is not a wise idea as they might enrol you for the next (2018) session instead due to seats been all filled (on a rolling policy) Classes begin in late Sep.
  2. They did the same thing with me. Its been 2 weeks I saw my status change to Admission Denied on their portal. But still no emails
  3. Heres the link https://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/social-sciences-public-health
  4. There is no application fees for LSHTM
  5. Kings College UCL University of leeds Manchester Univ Brunel University (london) And of course LSHTM
  6. I already hv rejections from uofAlberta, Mcmaster, Mcgill and SFU. Waiting for Uof toronto n waterloo . Have an offer from LSHTM though and deferrals from USF, UAB, UThealth houston, UNI OF florida (as i got my student visa refused last yr so now cant go to usa). If that didnt dampen my hopes i think u should also dont gv up yet.
  7. Good luck to all waiting for Waterloo's decision. I m also in the same boat. I would like to ask if they (canadian universities)have a quota system to accept a certain number of international students every year. Does being a Canadian has an extra edge over international students even if their experiences are more or less the same?
  8. As you mentioned this was your second year applying to mph at uofAlberta. Last time when you were unsuccesful , did you ask them what were the shortcomings in your application. I am asking cos i been refused by a few Canadian universities already but they are not specifically telling me the reason (shortcomings) for rejecting my application.
  9. LSHTM is ranked in top 5 in the world for Public Health..it only comes after John Hopkins and Oxford in Public Health rank globally. U of Toronto (t best uni in canada for Public health according to QRRanking) comes at 25 to 40 in global rank. So you still hv time to apply for Sep intake at LSHTM..yes it is competitive but they also look holistially at your CV unlike most Canadian universities which I think just look at your GPA to book u in. One more thing though ..LSHTM offer a 12 month MsC in Public health and not MPH. My only reason for applying to canada was they offer a 16 month MPH which is accredited by CEPH (usa). I am not sure about LSHTM being accredited by CEPH but its the best in public health according to rankings. Can anyone also shed light on the pros and cons for pursuing a MsPh rather than a MPH in public health in terms of employment opportunities in usa, canada etc.
  10. Thanks Tahnin for encouraging words. I applied to MPH epi in U of Alberta , Msc Epi Mcgill , MPH Epi in U of Tor , Mph PH Env & Occup Health in SFU/ Waterloo. I have 5 years health experience as a doctor. Have 2 years experience as Research Officer and 5 publications. MY GPA for medical school was around 3.4 ( grades are tough in Pakistan med schools). I got acceptances to all 8 US MPH universities I applied to last year but didnt get the visa . I got into LSHTM thisyear and it seems I have to ultimately go there. I even gave GRe and of course IeltsAcad (7.5 overall) Also have Usmle Steps 1 and 2 given before but didnt get t visa to appear for Step 2 CS.
  11. I just got my UofA refusal That literally breaks my heart as I already have 3 more refusals before that ( Mcgill, SFU, Mcmaster) Now only 2 more decisions pending ( Uof Toronto and Waterloo) Dont think I have any chances for MPH in Canada this year. I am just left to accept my London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine offer.
  12. Already got refusals from Mcmaster ,McGill and SFU Mph (epi)programs. Really tense situation. Waiting to hear from UToronto , Alberta and Waterloo. Nothing yet Should hv applied to Queens but didnt Just accepted my LSHTM offer as a backup.
  13. The tuition for international students is roughly: LSHTM 21k £ for full course (1 year Masters PH) Mcgill, u of Tor and other canadian univs - $36000 per annum (2 years MPH and MsPH) Same with US universities ( USF - 34k $ per year (2 years MPH) Fees for international students is usually high. How will it effect employment chances for pursuing a 1 year Ms PH as compared to completing a 2 yr MPH course. Most UK univ offer 1 yr programs whereas US and Canadian unis offer a 2 yr Masters program. I am still waiting to hear from Utoronto , UAlberta and Waterloo.
  14. Long time lurker here. I got acceptance to USF UAB and Univ of Florida mph programs last year and accepted USF Tampabut i couldnt get the US visa (yep we international students hv to go through much more agonizing experiences). This yr i tried my luck with canadian unis . Applied to , mcmaster, u tor, mcgill , alberta n sfu. I got refusals from mcgill,mcmaster. sfu (just a few hours ago) Nothing yet from the rest.As a backup I even applied to london school of hygiene n tropi me. (uK) . I got my acceptance from there. Do i consider myself lucky i wanted to study in either u of tor or alberta for mph but since i got into london school of hygiene n tropical med , do u guys believe its a good place to study.? Accordin to global ranking LSHTM only comes next to harvard n john hopkins. The only reason i wanted to study in canada is cos i hv family there.