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  1. Thank you! <3 Chem teachers rule indeed!
  2. Have so much fun in Colombia! I have never been but I used to live down the street from a Colombian restaurant and it was life changing. Eat extra arepas for me
  3. No kidding :/ I wonder if they're off for Good Friday or Easter. This forum is pretty much just going to be you and me now :/ fingers crossed for something today, otherwise have a lovely weekend and try not to stress too much!
  4. Alright then... how about a bet that Mexico comes out last? @hj2012, let's hope this works!
  5. It's about time!!
  6. Oh no! I'm sorry! Hugs!! <3
  7. Wow I really hope you get it, how cool an experience would that be for your kid!!
  8. Thank you! I wish you the same! I'm just ready for the wait to be over so I can plan out my life one way or another! Hopefully this week
  9. I'm Mexico research and didn't hear anything yesterday...maybe we got April Fooled?
  10. Thank you!! There is still hope for me Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico!
  11. @Sarah1812, Congratulations!! Would also love to know, research or ETA? @hj2012, I applied for Mexico Research and haven't heard anything from them today. Maybe there's hope for us still!