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  1. I got accepted too! Received email last week and paperwork on Monday with a May 18th deadline. See you guys in the Fall!
  2. Are you clinical or COPD? I had my interview last week and the waiting is agony. I hope you hear back soon!
  3. Isaiah1016, have you interviewed and found out about acceptance?
  4. Anyone else still anxiously waiting to hear? Had my group interview last week, application is "Being Reviewed".
  5. Congratulations!!! How long after your status changing from being reviewed did you get a final decision?
  6. Has anyone interviewed for the Community Organization track? And if so have you received a decision?
  7. Have all who have interviewed and been accepted on the clinical track?
  8. Did they offer a lot of dates? How quickly do you think it fills up?
  9. For all those who have interviewed and/or been accepted. What track are you going for?
  10. No, not yet. What track are you going for?
  11. I have still not gotten any update from Hunter since my status changed almost 4 weeks ago to Pending Interview. I have called and emailed. Even after finally getting someone to speak to with promises that they would look into why I have not received an email to schedule an interview I received no follow up. It has come down to what is more valuable the in-state tuition or my self worth. I am also concerned how they treat their students once they are in the program. Is it the same as how they treat their prospective students? I have a big decision to make in the next week because of other deadlines.
  12. Have you received an email to schedule your interview?
  13. Congrats! I hope we both hear soon about scheduling one!!
  14. Thanks Gee. I just called and left a message hoping he calls me back. I know that the school is on break next week not sure if staff is as well. If they are it could mean another whole week of waiting to hear something. Getting into grad school is stressful enough, just wish I knew something.
  15. What is the status of your application? Mine says Pending Interview but it's been almost 2 weeks and I have not received any email regarding scheduling one. Does anyone know how to contact Hunter to followup about this? I have emailed but did not receive any reply. I'm getting hopeless too Psychotea.