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  1. Well gosh darn, I got rejected from Waterloo this year. Looks like I will have to reapply next year, but will do so to more schools! Does any other school besides Waterloo and Lakehead offer an online program?
  2. I didn't even know about London until I found this forum. I don't think it's something I could do though, as I wouldn't be able to leave for 2 months, (work, kids, life etc)....it does sound like a pretty awesome experience for those that can do it!
  3. Congrats @NinjaNurse....wanna do a girl a favour and decline, to open up a spot for me? . Waterloo was the only place I applied to, as its online and I work. Now that I know about more online options, I will probably apply to more than one place next year (if needed)! I do hope you get your top choice
  4. @neonily No they just told me that most offers have already been sent out and that there has been a delay in the admissions process on their end and they were working on sending out all decisions by the end of the week. So I am assuming that most will be rejections coming out now but hopefully I am wrong and some people will still get offers
  5. Anyone still waiting on Waterloo, answers should be out by the end of the week, although I was told most offers have already gone out. I seriously wish they would just reject me already so I can get on with my life lol......
  6. @Tahnin and @friesandwater What stream did you apply to at Waterloo? Mine still says "no decision"
  7. Keep your chin up @Tahnin, I think there's still a few of us waiting on Waterloo!