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  1. Thanks for this advice - I will likely do this next week if I still haven't heard anything. I am taking a little comfort in the fact that the department seems not to have notified ANY of it's Masters programs yet - not just the program to which I applied. So, maybe they're waiting until they have made all of their department decisions before sending out notifications. Still, more concrete information would be helpful, even if it's just to put my mind at rest while continuing to wait!
  2. That's exactly my thought process - it's frustrating not to know whether committees are, in fact, still reviewing applications, or if they are waiting for commitments by those they accepted before they send out their rejections.
  3. Thanks for your responses! This is for a masters program. I reached out to the department about two weeks ago, checking and and asking if they had everything they needed for my application. They're response, which came very quickly, was that yes, they had everything they needed, and that my application was ready for committee review. So, at that point the implication was that applications had yet to be formally reviewed. I thanked them for their response and haven't had any updates since. Thoughts?
  4. My top choice school - and now my last hope - has yet to send out any information regarding their decisions. Every online "admission status check" still says "Under review," etc.. However, this is a program that has an intended Summer 2017 program start, and today (April 21st) marks the beginning of the university's preregistration for summer classes. So, my question is: is it time to give up hope for this round of admissions?
  5. Feeling SO hopeless. I applied to a program with an intended Summer 2017 program start and haven't heard anything! I emailed last week to check in and they responded that my application was complete and "ready for committee review." So, that leads me to believe that they have yet to review them, which does give me hope! But, with summer start rapidly approaching, I'm getting very nervous and feeling hopeless. Sigh. This process is so draining.
  6. Quite nervous, probably a 6 or 7! Two rejections and my last (and top) choice has yet to send out decisions. Nerve wracking to say the least!
  7. I've applied for an online Masters in Education program with the intent to begin in Summer 2017. I haven't heard anything yet. n looking at the school's website, the first day of summer courses would be May 30th, so I'm getting a little apprehensive. The applications were just due three weeks ago, so I recognize that it has not been long at all,and that I likely just need to be patient. However, today I noticed that the admissions website of the school says that students are supposed to confirm their Fall 2017 admission by May 1st. Is that an indicator that summer admissions are also needing to be confirmed/have been sent out? This is the first year I have applied to graduate schools, so any advice is helpful - or thoughts on how to proceed!