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    M.Sc. EHealth
  1. Hello, Has anyone received "Hard Copy" of admission letter from grad department? Any idea regarding enrollment?
  2. Hello Dwabtit, Received offer letter from graduate department, they've detailed about the tuition fee as well as other costs involved in the program. Thanks for your help,
  3. Hello Dwabtit, Any idea about tution fee for international students? I can't find it in the university website
  4. That was very helpful, Thank you
  5. Hello Sidsak, It means that we may receive an unconditional final offer letter irrespective of the computer science prerequisite, I've started Introduction to computer science course in EDx, now @ week 0, seems like it may take a few months to complete Thanks for your info,
  6. is the offer conditional or unconditional, any mention about computer science prerequisite in the offer letter?
  7. That's a very long time, any update from graduate department ?
  8. Thank you!! Sidsak
  9. Currently I'm looking at "EDx: Introduction to Computer Science" as university website states that it covers both the prerequisites. Any idea about how much time it is gonna take to complete the course? Has anyone contacted Iris regarding the computer science course?
  10. Hello Sidsak, Earlier today, I received a mail stating that I was recommended for admission, my file was forwarded to graduate department and will be receiving an official offer letter shortly. Iris confirmed that interview invite mail was sent to me by mistake.
  11. Yesterday, I received an E-mail invitation for Interview stating that my interview was scheduled on 04-Apr-2017, but I have already attended the interview on 14-Feb-2017. Don't know what to do now, sent a mail to Iris regarding the situation, waiting for response!!
  12. Yeah, i tried calling her again but couldn't reach her through call, sent a mail.
  13. Hello Everyone, Glad I found this thread, I am an International student from India. Applied for M.Sc. program in Ehealth at McM, gave my interview on 14th February (Hope I did well). After a long wait of 6 weeks, finally contacted Iris through call on 29th March, she said that I'll be receiving an email regarding admission decision by the end of the day, but no update till date. Feeling hopeless and helpless, is there anyone still waiting out for the admission decision?