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  1. Damn. How and when were you notified?
  2. Have strength brother.
  3. This could go on well into May :/
  4. Does anyone know what's the class strength for MS in CS (thesis) at McGill?
  5. Oh! Good luck to you then! And let's stay positive!
  6. Yeah, next year will be hard. I'm actually all set to go with Stony Brook. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm hoping for a miraculous admit from McGill.
  7. I'm ready to go through all this. I just need an admit. LOL
  8. Denied admission at UWaterloo. Expected, but hurts.
  9. Yet another week goes by without any news from McGill and Waterloo. Looks like I will have to settle with Stony Brook University.
  10. Does anyone know what is the batch size for MS in CS in McGill and Waterloo? Can we still expect an admit, or is it just going to be rejects from now on?