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  1. Thanks! Do you know if she is going to accept?
  2. I'm currently on 3 waitlist.. for those of you who have applied before when did you start acting on plan B. For example, I will need to retake the GRE and will most likely look into buying a study program but I don't want to buy it too soon. Should I wait until Mid- may? I also want to email schools to see to see where I can improve my application but I feel like I can't do that until I've officially been rejected.
  3. Just think it will make someone on CSUN waitlist very happy!
  4. According to the results page those offered admissions do not have a deadline to respond. For those who have been offered admissions, is there really no specific date?
  5. I never heard from Texas Tech but I assume it's rejection since they do interviews and some have already been accepted
  6. I am waitlisted at TWU and wondering... 1. Has anyone been offered admissions and plans to decline? 2. Has anyone been offered acceptance from the waitlist already? I am so hoping I hear something back this week! eeep