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  1. @wlg3 We were notified by emails. And today they emailed the same again, as some of the candidates had not received any notification. @sfbae89 Congratulations I guess you're going to attend the program? I also vaguely remember an increase being mentioned in an admissions seminar on their website. But even then, they might have accepted (say) 1.3x candidates for the same, and waitlisted another 1x (guess this is the standard admissions procedure). Hope these numbers are much smaller in reality than 1.3x and 1x. Hoping for the best, fingers crossed!
  2. Came here after the post on NYU Data Science Results page: "Hey waitlisters, let's commiserate together in this thread" Anybody has any idea about the class size, number of offers made and the size of the waitlist? Is there any realistic chance of acceptance after being waitlisted? It's even more confusing since the waitlist is not ranked. Also, a few posters asked for being referred by someone declining the admit. Does it really work that way?