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  1. Here are some ideas: -Becoming an ABA therapist. This will give you great experience -Rehabilitation technician: working under the direct supervision of speech, occupational, and physical therapists. These jobs will give you hands on experience and are a bit more relevant to our field I believe that both of these positions are fairly easy to find (I'm from the east coast)
  2. Maybe you could look into getting a tutor? They most likely will be able to help you work through any weaknesses you may have. Don't loose hope! Stay strong and work hard on other aspects of your application as well (LOR, SOAP, etc.)
  3. I believe College of Saint Rose in NY does!
  4. Start with a brain storm. Some things to help: -why you are interested in the profession -experience you have in the profession -why the specific school you are applying to interests you -your professional and personal goals -how the school will help you receive your goals after brainstorming, start to piece together the information into an essay. Once you have a solid draft, I would suggest handing it over to a professor, SLP, or experienced writer to look over it.
  5. Hi! If you are willing to retake some classes, you can search online for programs that have online pre-reqs of CSD courses. I believe Sacred Heart University has a pre-req program online. As far as experiences, I would suggest getting a variety of experiences in various settings. This will show grad programs that you are well-rounded and can succeed in diverse clinical placements. Jobs/Experiences you can look into -ABA therapy. -Rehabilitation tech/aide (working under the supervision of speech, occupational, and physical therapists) (usually in a SNF or hospital) -Research opportunities
  6. I would look into a rehabilitation technician/aide in an SNF. This would entail being an assistant to speech, occupational, and physical therapists. I worked for 9 months in this position and learned something new everyday!
  7. @kjack99 I believe volunteer hours are beneficial. I accumulated a lot of hours over 6 months in a speech pathology department of a hospital. This hospital also had a reputable name & I was able to gain a letter of reference from this. I know several of the graduate schools I applied to appreciated this aspect of my application. So if you do end up volunteering I think it would look great on your application!
  8. Hi everyone! I will be an incoming graduate student at LIU Post in Brookville, NY. I will be in the M.A. Speech -Language Pathology program. I am looking for a roommate that is also in a graduate program either at this institution or near by ones! If you are interested or know of anyone that is, please let me know!
  9. @kayyyyy_ @Speechster thank you for the advice! I am leaning towards living with someone from another graduate program. Do you guys have any ideas on how to go about that?
  10. Hi everyone! What is everyones thoughts on living with people in your program versus not in your program?